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Oops, I Made a $339k Mistake

2/15/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nas is great at a lot of things ... rapping, feuding ... but paying taxes isn't one of them ... and now he's on the hook for another $339,000 he allegedly kept from Uncle Sam.

According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Nas never forked over $339,005.49 in federal income tax he owed for 2010 ... and now the U.S. government has obtained a lien on his property.

Being a tax scofflaw is nothing new for Nas ... according to public records, dude is also on the hook for more than $6 MILLION DOLLARS in back taxes from previous years.

We called Nas for comment -- so far, no response.



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You cannot escape the arms of the IRS... those who try.. as here.. are not only caught, but owe penalty and interest - DUMB. Now.. it's either this guy is an IDIOT.. or he's just trying to escape paying... Meanwhile we taxpayers.. have to cover his ass.. til' he does pay.

981 days ago


They are called accountants...look into it.

981 days ago


If the government collected all of the back taxes from CEO's, celebrities, businesses, etc....I wonder what it all would add up to and if it would be significant against the National Debt.

Time they collect before some of these liens roll off and are noncollectable. Statute of limitation on back taxes, is that 10 years?

The penalties some of these celebs must rack up in back taxes, would be HUGE.

981 days ago


Another retard that has no math skills and no musical talent. The record industry today. Sad.

981 days ago

pink floyd    

a question for americans... in canada when ever we get paid taxes are always taken from our cheques . is that not the case with you.???

981 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Just another stupid, ignorant, I am better than everyone else, self entitled a hole. When are we as a society going to stop this insanity, start agressively going after these morons and prosecute them. Al Capone got away with murder, but the IRS got him for failing to pay his taxes. Maybe that is the route to getting these idiots locked up.
It really is pathetic that they are this stupid, but we all know they are mostly talentless ghetto rats who thinkl because record companies are paying them stupid money for selling there garbage noise ( yes -reality check- rap and hip hop are not music- it is just an excuse to use profanity and denegrate women and insult anyone they feel like insulting. Hopefully you will have your dumb ass locked up.

981 days ago


Join R-i-c-h-M-i-n-g-l-e , C-O-M to find rich men and beautiful women.

981 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Taxes? Who pays those?

981 days ago


Just pay your damned taxes, what's so hard? Did this guy blow all the money, so he can't afford it? Did he not pay attention to the Wesley Snipes thing? Or the weird guy that was on Survivor? Geez, what is so damned hard?

981 days ago


His azz belongs in jail!!! Why isn't he in jail!!! We certainly would have been in jail by now!!!!

981 days ago


Put that Black Tax Turd in jail. I have to pay my taxes so why doesn't he. This makes me sick!!!

981 days ago


Who is this idiot? Another crap rapper comes out of the wood work!

981 days ago


what about the concert promoter he left stranded in angola? lock his ass up!

981 days ago

Hershey Hickenbottom    

Very simply, fools and their money are soon parted.

981 days ago


I sincerely doubt Nas does his own taxes, so he is not at fault for the initial failure. However, once he know about it, he should've then taken the necessary corrective steps.

981 days ago
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