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Pinkberry Co-Founder

Illegal HEAT Revealed

in Beating Investigation

2/16/2012 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0216_young_lee_AP_EXPinkberry Co-founder Young Lee is a pistol packing badass with a fleet of uber luxury vehicles ... according to the LAPD investigation into his alleged beating of a homeless man.

TMZ has obtained the search warrant affidavit filed by a detective in LAPD's Asian Crime Unit -- and it reveals two handguns registered in Lee's name: a Colt .45, and a Para Ordnance brand .45.

The handguns are a major no-no because ... according to the docs Lee is not supposed to "own, buy, receive, possess, or have custody or control of any firearms" -- due to a 2001 felony conviction for possession of narcotics.

The docs say Lee also had a misdemeanor conviction for possession of a firearm.

Lee was arrested last month and booked for assault in the brutal tire iron beating of a homeless man on the off-ramp of a Los Angeles freeway.

It's unclear whether police found the handguns during a search of Lee's home and high-end cars -- 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom, 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB, and a 2010 Mercedes G Wagon -- but if so, he could face an additional felony charge.


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this is the weirdest story, he looks so quiet

978 days ago

bring back recent posts millionaire beating a homeless man...hope he has a fun time in jail with his um...peers!!!!...LET JUSTICE PREVAIL...I know its California and the rich walk..but...lets just have faith in the system...what a LOSER!

978 days ago

who cares    

Will be interesting to see how his money plays a role in this because thats 5 years in the pen for just felon in possesion of a handgun. Well 5 years for a common poor felon. With goodtime he might get out in 2 1/2 but given his money i bet he gets a slap pn the hand..

978 days ago


"LAPD's Asian Crime Unit" <-- Why would something that seems like a random street attack be assigned to a specialized division?

978 days ago

Craig Swinson    

This guy is gonna be in jail for a long time if convicted. The Asian Crime unit is involved because they think there are other ties to Asian organized crime...this will make an awesome Law & Order episode

978 days ago

who cares    

Also a felon in possesion of a hand gum or even one in his house or cars is automatic arrest and NO BAIL... So one could already argue he is getting special treatment since he is out on bail for only 60k.

978 days ago

who cares    

One good thing will come of this though, there will be one less homeless person because there is no way his lawyers let this go to civil court as he would stand to lose serveral million rather then just a few hundred thousand dollars

978 days ago

Ozzie X    

Some of these overnight young millionaires and billionaires should take a crash course on being humble. They were fortunate enough to create a concept that catapulted them to their riches. When you make a transition from nerdom to to being "on top of the world" you lose sense of reality and become delusional. I respect millionaires that are grounded and dedicated years of sweat and tears to get where they are.

978 days ago


Never had a Pinkberry.

Never will now.


978 days ago


To anyone saying he's doing time: No Way! This guy should be rolling in it. A pinkberry franchise must cost a king's ransom because it is a license to print money--Pinkberry is extremely selective about the franchises they grant. People go ape crap over the stuff.

978 days ago


What is wrong with our legal system that this guy is still walking the streets?

978 days ago


Give this guy Three Strikes and lock him up forever!

978 days ago


That is a bad ass bow tie.

978 days ago

brown dynamite    

So he beats a homeless guy and TMZ glorifies this idiot by calling him a badass. Great work.

978 days ago


"asian crime unit"

Maybe this is the unit that shot and killed the marine in Orange county this week? Or the guy on his porch in Long Beach this past summer? And then there's a cowboy /marine killed by a ****ty cop this week in Arizona.

What is up with the boys in blue?

977 days ago
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