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Whitney Houston's Family

Searching for a Scapegoat

2/16/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's family and friends are blaming everyone from Bobby Brown to Ray J for steering her down the wrong path. But is it time they face reality? Is Whitney ultimately responsible for her drug problems?

Plus, Charlie Sheen rips Ashton Kutcher and his old pals at "Two & a Half Men." Yeah, he thinks the show sucks now that he's gone ... but you gotta hear how Charlie puts it!

Also, is Hollywood bailing on President Obama? Harvey thinks the power players in town are fed up with Barry O, and he's got the guest list to prove it.


(2:20) Whitney's family blames Bobby for her past drug problems -- is it the ultimate cop-out?
(7:00) Mikes says Ray J is the new Bobby Brown.
(11:32) Dax and Harvey bump heads -- only one of them thinka J.Lo's latest photos with Casper are phony baloney.
(14:35) A caller makes Harvey's day.
(15:45) Reggie Bush denies he's hooking up with Kim Kardashian -- nobody's buying what he's selling.
(18:05) Charlie Sheen calls in -- he completely stands behind calling the new "Men" a "steaming pile of ass."
(23:00) Charlie and Mike share a special bond ... over Adidas track suits.
(24:00) Charlie talks about his new show "Anger Management" -- and hopes it goes toe-to-toe with "Men."
(33:00) Harvey and Charles are at war over Obama.
(39:00) Paul McCartney is giving up weed -- so what's worse ... weed or booze?

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Trix LaRue    

What's up with the Colbert Report? Any scoops?

980 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

If Rihanna goes anywhere near Chris Brown after that beating, she's dumber than I ever thought she was...

980 days ago


I've read speculation elsewhere that Kim Kardashian, the night of the Grammy party, dressed so provocatively (even for her), because she wanted to elicit a reaction from Ray J and Whitney Houston, and show the world she's still got it etc. Any thoughts whether that is true or not?

980 days ago


I didn't know Charlie Sheen is considered a historical monument. In order for a photo to be taken you need permission from the subject first. So for the stills to be taken they would have needed Charlie's permission and I am sure in his original contract he would have had rights to his image...therefore..WB you are barking up the wrong tree..

980 days ago


On Bobby Brown stealing Whitney's fortune -- I thought it was all gone. Where does the $20 mil figure come from. I know Michael Jackson's estate exploded after his death, but I believe singers don't get big royalty checks -- those go to the songwriters. Where is the new money to come from?

980 days ago


you tmz people suck and are liars. CNN already reported Bobby Brown is not banned from the funeral, nor was Bobby Kristina banned from seeing her mother.

You people suck. Leave this family alone. You frickin stalk and slander celebs all day long, don't know how you TMZ people sleep at night, I mean...what a 'career'...have an aspiration and ojbective - goal in life, follow around celebs all day long and gossip and post BS lies about them. Like the time you posted that near death photo of Steve Jobs, disgusting!

980 days ago

bobbie shubeck    

I am so sick of Warner Bros..dumping on Charlie. Over some pictures they say belong to them! Who cares!!! LEAVE CHARLIE ALONE! Charlie is trying hard to move on, and pay his bills! But these clowns keep dumping on him..Get a life!

980 days ago


Rihanna has set the movment against wife beaters back 20 years!DUMB KID.

980 days ago


Sheen does have a way with

980 days ago


I was hoping they had info on The Colbert Report.

980 days ago

bobbie shubeck    

Charlie, Warner Bros is trying to get you mad so that you will act up and ruin your new show...don't let them do it! Ignore them. They are not worth the energy spent on them. We will all be waiting and watching for your new show.

980 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

What the hell is wrong with these women who go back over and over again to these woman beating bums? There's gotta be 150 million men out there with no criminal records, great jobs and futures and yet even past high school into college and real life, a large swath of women always fall for the bad boy POS lowlife almost every freaking time. If you've ever been hit by a man and you're still with him, you deserve a pine box when it comes, because you stay there, it WILL COME.

980 days ago

Trix LaRue    

Ugh...dont want to listen to Charlie.

See you tomorrow

980 days ago

maria m    

have you found out why they canceled the colbert report for the rest of the week?

980 days ago

joe orlando    

i have heard reports the church where wHITNEY'S funeral will takes place holds 300, 1500, and 200.......just curios which is correct?........Do you know?.......THANKS!!!

980 days ago
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