TMZ Live Whitney Houston's Family Searching for a Scapegoat

2/16/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Whitney Houston's Family -- Searching for a Scapegoat

Whitney Houston's family and friends are blaming everyone from Bobby Brown to Ray J for steering her down the wrong path. But is it time they face reality? Is Whitney ultimately responsible for her drug problems?

Plus, Charlie Sheen rips Ashton Kutcher and his old pals at "Two & a Half Men." Yeah, he thinks the show sucks now that he's gone ... but you gotta hear how Charlie puts it!

Also, is Hollywood bailing on President Obama? Harvey thinks the power players in town are fed up with Barry O, and he's got the guest list to prove it.

(2:20) Whitney's family blames Bobby for her past drug problems -- is it the ultimate cop-out?
(7:00) Mikes says Ray J is the new Bobby Brown.
(11:32) Dax and Harvey bump heads -- only one of them thinka J.Lo's latest photos with Casper are phony baloney.
(14:35) A caller makes Harvey's day.
(15:45) Reggie Bush denies he's hooking up with Kim Kardashian -- nobody's buying what he's selling.
(18:05) Charlie Sheen calls in -- he completely stands behind calling the new "Men" a "steaming pile of ass."
(23:00) Charlie and Mike share a special bond ... over Adidas track suits.
(24:00) Charlie talks about his new show "Anger Management" -- and hopes it goes toe-to-toe with "Men."
(33:00) Harvey and Charles are at war over Obama.
(39:00) Paul McCartney is giving up weed -- so what's worse ... weed or booze?