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'American Idol' Cop Reject

Producers Used TV Magic

to Make Me a Bitch

2/17/2012 3:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" contestant and police officer Alisha Bernhardt tells TMZ, she is NOT a cold-hearted bitch -- which is why she's upset at "Idol" producers over how they portrayed her on last week's show.

In case you missed it -- Alisha was the girl who couldn't find a group to perform "Joy to the World" with ... and unleashed a torrent of bitchiness in frustration.

But Alisha -- who was eliminated Wednesday night -- tells us, producers edited the show to make her look more like a loudmouthed fight-picking ice queen than she really is.

Alisha insists ... that's just not an accurate reflection of her character -- in reality, she's a really nice person. There's not much she can do legally speaking ... but hey, it's good to know.


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In case I missed it? I've never watched that pile of bullpoop show.

977 days ago


so, the scenes of her being a total douch bag means she's only a royal pan in the ass when you watch her. DOUCH BAG!!!!!

977 days ago


More importantly: WHY WAS JOHNNY KEYSER SENT HOME! He has a better voice than anyone else this season.

977 days ago


This chick REALLY annoyed me, and it had NOTHING to do with how AI portrayed her. She is so full of herself because she's a "cop". Doesn't she realize it is just a damn JOB? Every other word out of her mouth was "I'm a cop this","I'm a cop that". Then she made SURE to get her might badge on camera. Why in the hell did she need to have her badge out in Hollywood. For attention, that's why. She has a real "hard ass wannabee" attitude too. I can just imagine how she handles herself on the street, like she thinks she's a big shot.

977 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

Don't watch the show but what kind of idiot wears her badge and a police shirt on tv? Wow, big friggin deal, you're a cop, so what? If she were a plumber would she wear a shirt saying plumber on the front and wearing a tool belt? I know some cops and they say that people like her are an embarassment.

977 days ago


Lucy Mouse Head: She wore it because the producers told her to do so. The point where they are in front of the judges like that... they've already gone through multiple rounds of auditions for months including in front of Nigel and other producers. A lot of that stuff at the point it completely setup by the producers, including them having to wear outfits that make them standout. American Idol is famous for this kind of are most reality TV shows. It's all planned out.

976 days ago


biggest horses ass ever. Apparently she thinks anyone and everyone could give a flying f what her job is. No amount of editing had her spewing it every third word. She is a fool and all they did was show it. I hope she loses that precious job, because she thinks its an identity. People wonder why cops are hated by so many. Because of fools like this.

976 days ago


What do you know shes a school district rent a cop. Acts all high and mighty guarding a middle school. A real crime fighter. A nursing student until just recently. Just a reject that got lucky with a public benefits job.

976 days ago


Every time she interacted with anyone, she had to tell them that she was a cop, and she was real pushy too when dealing with the other contestants. No, the portrayal was accurate..she's a real c.u.n.t !

976 days ago


Just another arrogant cop.

976 days ago


UGH... what a PIG

976 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This American Idol kick this nation has been on is far overdone and needs to shiiitcanned. You see thousands more people lining up for these 'auditions' who have as much business in the music business as Crack Daddy Brown. No talent people being manufactured into stars so they don't have to work and go looking for talent like they USED TO DO> Now the talent pool is so thin the liberals and media went into a two week orgasm over Obamadinejad singing a single line of an Al Green song. Gimme a ****kkkking break!!! You know how many REAL musicians and vocalists will NEVER be heard by anyone but that no talent affirmative action hire is treated like Pavarotti after muttering a lousy line of a ghetto humping favorite.

976 days ago


irrelevant show and irrelevant person

976 days ago


Was she a cop????? I wasn't sure because she never said it during the show. EVER!!!!!!!! What a loser.

976 days ago


If the bitch fits, wear it. Seriously, who cares if people think you are a bitch? If you know who and what you are, shouldn't matter.

976 days ago
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