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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Living & Breathing Liz Taylor

to Prep for Movie Role

2/21/2012 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay just inked a deal with Lifetime to play Liz Taylor.
Lindsay Lohan ain't no slacker -- TMZ has learned, the actress is studying up hardcore for her new movie role ... doing everything she can to accurately portray a young Elizabeth Taylor.

In case you haven't heard -- Lindsay just inked a deal with Lifetime to play Liz Taylor in the network's new made-for-TV biopic called "Liz and Dick." Production is scheduled to kick off late March, after Lindsay's probation is terminated.

Lindsay is telling friends, she's taking her new gig extremely seriously -- "obsessing over getting the part right" for the film.

According to sources, Lindsay is doing nothing but watching old Liz Taylor movies to help her recreate the Hollywood icon's posture, speech, and every other little detail.

We're told Lindsay has also been watching old Liz interviews online and reading a bunch of Liz biographies.

Lifetime is taking a hard stance with Lindsay too -- demanding she complete ALL her probation requirements before filming begins ... which Lindsay has promised to do.


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She'll **** it up! Lindsay messes up all opportunities for a good come back. Producersare stupid for signing her.I hope they have a back up plan.

883 days ago

the real diva    

are the producers who chose lindsay to play the role on drugs themselves? lindsay is and never will be elizabeth taylor..why would they get lindsay to play the role?unless everyone else in hollywood turned it down. or they probaly hired lindsay as they wanted someone who would accept low pay. after all she is not working and if they paid her 5 dollars for the role she will take it .she needs the money. so that is probaly why she got the role to begin with. they could pay her cheap. i for sure won't be watching it.

883 days ago


Nothing like cramming for the part. She thinks she'll be accepted back by the public, but she's mistaken. Also as far as her addictions go, yeah she might be able to go a week or two at the most without hitting the pipe or doing lines instead of studying them, but as with any addict she'll cave. She's simply never gotten the treatment she needs and it'll show. She has NEVER been serious about actually getting sober instead of faking it to get back out there. She's under way too much pressure with this not to cave. Liz Taylor fans aren't gonna accept her for this, no way.

883 days ago


Nice going Lindsay. A succesfull Playboy-shoot. Numerous other photoshoots. Hosting SNL. A lead role in a movie (albeit for TV). Except for a bad hairday in NY things look bright again for her. Wish her all the best.

883 days ago


Also let me take a guess on who the source was on this Blohan "I'm really really really now taking this seriously" piece? That **** Dina.

883 days ago


The most shocking thing I learned in this post is that Lindsay can read.

883 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Talk about spitting on someone's grave.

Might as well get Flava Flav to play Liz.

883 days ago

Kim Wilson    

Why both there caeers are dead.

883 days ago


There goes another movie I might have watched.

883 days ago


Really? Lohan? Elizabeth is rolling over in her grave!!! Was looking forward to seeing the movie, but not now. The lying thief needs to just fade away....PLEASE!!!!

883 days ago


I bet Elizabeth is rolling in her grave!!! What an injustice to such an icon. Wish Lohan would just fade away.

883 days ago


This is a farce. She is trying to goad them into hiring her. Why would they draw up a contract with stipulations on her probation instead of waiting a month until she is done? They wouldn't. It would only give her ammo to take them to court citing a bogus loophole that isn't there. She would sue and try to get a payday on a settlement because it would be cheaper than going the process. This is from "sources". Why wouldn't someone officially say it on with their name on record?

883 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

What a joke! this no talent hack of a has been trying to play Liz Taylor???????? What a joke. Major FAIL on Lifetime for choosing Lindsay! This will be a BOMB!

883 days ago


I didn't know liz taylor was a drug soaked, boozed adled lesbian?

883 days ago


Good for her!
I know she can
do it!

883 days ago
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