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Chris Brown

Exercises Right to Remain Silent

on Phone-Snatching Accusation

2/24/2012 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
was asked squarely for the first time -- Did he steal a Florida woman's cell phone?

Brown -- who was in Orlando -- was mum on the subject, but the freelance photog had some choice words for the silent Brown.

24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report last Sunday -- claiming the singer snatched her phone right out of her hands when she tried to take a picture of him ... then drove away.

We posted a video this morning, showing an agitated Christal describing the incident to police ... just moments after the alleged phone-jacking.

The case is under criminal investigation.


No Avatar


Look how happy those fat whores are to get a picture with the lady beater.

975 days ago


Throw the little thug in prison.

975 days ago


Damn white america really hates Chris Brown lol it's almost funny.. I wonder if there will be this much hate the day Justin Bieber commits a crime cuz sooner or later he will get caught up.

975 days ago


I'm so unbelievably shocked that a hip hop guy would do something lousy to someone!! sheeeeeesh!

975 days ago


Total punk coward and he knows it which is why he pays big bucks to have those bodyguards protect his precious little self! One of these days when the mokes are on coffee break, I'm hoping some "fan" will rearrange his face just like he did to ReRe! Hey... THAT photo would probably bring in bigger bucks than his bodyguards do!!!

975 days ago


CB is going to pay this lady a lot of money to make this go away

975 days ago


He's a s***bag who thinks he's above the law. Throw his ass in jail!

975 days ago


FU TMZ for not posting my post. So here I go AGAIN:

Where is the proof he did this? There were 2 girls on video saying Chris stole one of their where is the video proving this? There is no frickin way that there just so happened to be no one filming but the one girl he took the camera from allegedly.

Without PROOF, he cannot go to jail. A judge isn't going to believe the word of a fan with no evidence to back it up. The fact that absolutely nobody filmed this when there were supposed witnesses around, leads me to believe this story is fishy.

975 days ago


In my state if you are on probation, you cannot use the 5th when asked if you committed a crime while on probation. Well you can do that, but you immediately go to jail, do not pass go, & do not collect 100 dollars. When you are on probation, which is a gift to you, to allow you to show you are an upstanding citizen, and deserve a second chance, you are not allowed to do some things. You are not allow to commit the smallest crime, even jay-walking. You are not allow to hang with people, your probation officer deems as bad influences. You are not allow to drunk and lewd, take drugs, ..etc etc etc. Has someone not explained this to Chris Brown? I am sure he paid his lawyers enough.

975 days ago


The more coverage he gets the more attractive he becomes, Bad Boys are more fun and make more money!!!!! Keep covering him and bribing people it's only going to make him more attractive to the teenagers. We love him

975 days ago

who cares    

Doesn't Chris Brown have a lip syncing dance to perform at NBA allstar game???? I though i read that?? Or is he just dancing at a few clubs to make money off of his ho's?

975 days ago


It doesn't matter who it happened too. If she was taking my pic without my consent I would have took her phone too. There needs to be laws in place to protect ALL celebrities. I would NEVER walk up and put my phone in their face to snap a pic.....she got what she deserved.

975 days ago

who cares    

A Chrissy Brown app where you go around beating up photogs and fanswhile you work at lip syncing your way to a grammy. Chris is one of the mant so called artist that go in a studio record one line in a song spending weeks outting together one so then only be able to dance to his music but not sing it live. He has no talent talent means you can sing live and not use a recording studio to be the foundation of your lyp syncing career. Omly thing Chris is is a dancer and not a very good one at that. Talent means you can sing LIVE.

975 days ago


Iam sorry but when is he going to JAIL.

975 days ago


I seriously fell bad for this guy, he has been enduring hate,treats and false accussations for the past 3 years and still manages to ignore and make great music. please TMZ stop fomentar abuse and racistmo.

975 days ago
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