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Hillary Clinton

Close Encounter at Sea

with MASSIVE Whale

2/24/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0223_hillary_clinton_whale_watching_alunch_exThis is a Hillary Clinton whale tail -- yes, the Secretary of State put her life on the line ... going face-to-face with a giant creature, and TMZ has the pics.

Hills was in Los Cabos, Mexico last weekend for the G20 summit -- but before the snooze fest kicked off ... she went whale watching!

Madam Secretary was taking in the sights with a bunch of diplomats ... when one of the massive mammals rocked her world by rubbing up against her dinghy. Based on the photos, Hillary's lucky she made it back to shore.

Thar she blows!!!


No Avatar

Bill Leslie    

aren't there strict rules about how close these boats are allowed to get to the whales? oh right. the rules don't apply to people like Hillary and her powerful elite friends.

970 days ago


Harpoon the whale and the other whale too.

970 days ago


What a ugly woman. Bill must be thankful she's on the road a lot.

970 days ago


To the whale (not the one in the boat):
Better luck next time!

970 days ago

Star Whacker    

C'mon people. It was just a family vacation. Hillary was visiting her clone. Let's all be nice here!

970 days ago


JUST WHAT HAS HILLARY CLINTON DONE to those of you who have posted such ignorant, low class, reprehensible comments about one of the most dignified, intelligent, smartest women our country has EVER produced. She smiled and held her head HIGH during the most devastating years of her marriage regardless of people like you were throwing at her and her husband. You have insulted and belittled YOUR OWN PARENTS by your disgusting behavior. Surely, you were raised better than what you have displayed. I would say "shame on you" but, it would not mean a thing with your low mentality! For God's sake, grow up, learn some dignity and self respect, if, it isn't too late for you!!! GET IT???

970 days ago


It is not a "dinghy". It is a "panga".

970 days ago

Dr Hardwicke    

Holy Moley if Hillary were to put on about 50 more pounds ole Bill himself would start hitting on her?

969 days ago

Red Hat Queen    

Hey world, at no time was Hillary in danger. the Baja Whale is a beautiful gentle creature. As a Baja resident I have made the trip several times and touched those beautiful mammals several times. and a thought for the people who are so afraid to visit Mexico. bodyguards and all, would Hillary have been allowed to visit if it WAS that dangerous in Baja Calif. Whale season is Dec to April. Easy to go whale watching Only in Baja will you have the experience of an up close encounter with a gray whale

969 days ago


Our Secretary of state has been in many more dangerous areas than Los Cabos Mx. We go there every other year and pet the whales - have pictures of it. What an extrodinary mammal & extrodinary experience !

969 days ago

rose mary cota    

Put her life on the line???? What a joke, I was there last year and I`m going next week. Its the next thing to heaven!! She was in no way in great harm.

969 days ago


You've got to be kidding. With all of the people who take their children to see and pet the whales, what's the big deal. She wasn't in danger.

969 days ago


are you kidding? she wasn't in any danger at all. we visit these gentle giants as often as we can -- usually every other year. some of the mothers even lift their babies up to the boat to get petted & scratched by the "humans." it's one of the most spiritual experiences one can have.

969 days ago

Joyce Carr    

I did this exact trip a year ago and SHE is in NO danger at all. I reach over the panga and touched the whale. It is disappointing if she did not do the same. CHECK your FACTS before you PRINT. It is a safe and an amazing venture to do this.

969 days ago


The whale encounter is not in LOS CABOS as you refer, but in PUERTO LOPEZ MATEOS...a good four hours by car from LOS CABOS.
Loreto and La Paz are two hours drive.

967 days ago
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