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The King & Queen

Have Arrived

2/26/2012 5:20 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Oscars: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and her black dress
Like the king and queen of the Hollywood prom, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- and her legs -- were among the last to arrive to the Academy Awards on Sunday.

We are not worthy.



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Cognizant _illiberal    

those complaining about black and hispanics only being 2% of the vote at the oscars what about the essence awards they only have black voters and only black people are allowed to win and lets not forget about the latin grammys so quit with the double standards you racist why should jewish and white award shows be the only ones forced to be multiculture

935 days ago


King and Queen of snobby arrogance, yes. Why are they considered royalty in the first place? Smug adulterers. Wasn't Angie the one so hurt by daddy's affairs that she would NEVER do such a thing? And why must HE keep slinging arrows at his ex? I think it is because he was THRILLED that she didn't have a relationship. Once she did, his idiocy grew louder out of jealousy. These 2 can't STAND it if Jennifer Anniston is happy. Every single time there is something positive about JA, these 2 pop up out of the woodwork to proclaim their "love" and how happy they are and how superior they are to anyone else who has ever loved, just to pull the attention back to them and slam her. Blech. Give me a break!

935 days ago

I Was About To Say    

The "King and Queen"? OH PUKE!! These two camera whores make me sick.

935 days ago


She's still not eating, I see.

935 days ago


She's progressing thru the normal hollyweird actress image stages: normal skinny, ugly skinny, anorexic, bulimic, waif-like and soon skelator. Her legs are almost the size of her arms.

935 days ago


I bet between the 2 of them and their sordid pasts, they have every STD known to mankind...their both disgusting to me...

935 days ago


Seems like a desperate move on Angelina's part to me. What a tart.

935 days ago


If Hollywood is like high school, Brad and Angela definitely look like the QB of the football team and the prom queen.

These two might be the best looking couple in Hollywood history.

Long live the king and queen ... Brangelina! :)

935 days ago


Beautiful beautiful woman but man do her long skinny arms freak me out. Well, even the beautiful have flaws.....its nice to know!

935 days ago


Queen of what? Eating disorders? She's incredibly unhealthy looking and her dress looks like it's wearing her.

935 days ago


Why does everyone worship them? Age has not been kind to him. When did she become this classy lady? Who else remembers her bragging on the red carpet about having sex with Billy Bob in the limo before arriving to some event?

935 days ago


She is beautiful, but I can't stand it when women always stick that one leg out so far--it's just such an orchestrated look. Sexy doesn't look like it's trying this hard.

935 days ago


I find Brad Pitt very smug now. Considering he is up for an Oscar, dude should have put more time on the red carpet, giving interviews, even if they are short interviews, dude should have put more face time on the red carpet.

Angelina NEVER smiles, NEVER, and this time she has this gigantic smile on her face ? That looks like a fake confidence smile. Very fake. I kind of agree with another poster here, that her and Brad were both hoping Jennifer would be perpetually unhappy for life. But alas, Jennifer has found someone funny, good looking, and interesting.
Too bad for Angelina she has to settle now for Jennifers sloppy, boring, seconds ! LMAO ! I bet Brad changes his look so often just so Angelina can feel she's with another man. ROTFL !! God knows she's got the mileage.

935 days ago


The Queen and King have arrived. They can not be topped. HOT SEX...............

935 days ago


Brad honey if you must wear a tux, please remember to go for a second FITTING next time. Its not always about her.

935 days ago
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