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Lil Wayne

I Didn't Drunkenly Torpedo

Bahama Concert

2/26/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne claims he did NOT pass out drunk before a Bahama concert in 2009 ... resulting in a canceled show -- this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Weezy was sued back in 2009 by a promotion company called Red City Entertainment -- which claimed it fronted $432,000 for a concert in the Bahamas, but Weezy drunkenly slept through the whole thing.

When he failed to show, Red Light claims cops showed up to the rapper's hotel room and found him unconscious.

But Weezy insists it's all BS -- claiming, "At no point [that night] did I become so intoxicated that I passed out on a bed in my suit, or anywhere else."

Wayne says the real reason he didn't show up was because the concert was canceled -- he can't remember exactly why ... but believes it had something to do with technical difficulties, like lighting and sound problems.

Wayne is now asking the court for a judgment in his favor.


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And yet another "never-should-have-been" getting media exposure.

971 days ago


What an idiot. He's just as dumb as he was when he started "rapping" if anyone could call what he does rapping. He was one of the major players of ruining rap in the first place. Thanks Wayne, you ruined good rap.

971 days ago



970 days ago


Alot of people was at the concert he never showed up

970 days ago


that's some BS wayne talking,Iwas at that concert an he didnt show.Good thing buju was d there to perform an try take ppl mind of dat ****

970 days ago


What's the problem? Did someone mistakenly hit him with a fly swatter?:)

970 days ago


lol .. i was at the snoop dogg concert last summer and this happened. snoop dogg was passed out in the back of his trailer. i dont know what from but my friend who works production said he had a tonne of shrooms and weed. anyways he was passed out for a good hour and when they woke him up he only sang 6 songs and left. definately not worth the money to see. even tho it was only 40 dollars.

970 days ago


Another sh*tbag cRapper who has no talent and fukx people over. So predicable.

970 days ago

get a life ho    

TMZ spell checkers hard at work LMAO !!!

It's RED CITY entertainment then you say

RED LIGHT .,.,., ( a porn company )


I see where this writers mind was at while writing thsi story !

970 days ago

jordann paigee     

okay loook yall need to leave him alone cause reallly he mighta gott drunkk but so ****in what , he is old enought to ... & also he is own person so he can do wtf he wants & yeah im taking up for hiimm cuz i love him & his music & so soo cutee & im 15 & yall say **** about me idgaf & he is a good person .. thATS all yall do is get on your little showww an make people look bad ... you can never say anythin good about someone . juss like snookiee ' yesturday you said shes pregunat .. okay she must of want to .. & about the car thing she did it on purpose so stfu ... & so whatt if she is pregunat its her life not yours so step out . & today ima watch your show & watch you say somethin badd about justin beieber cause its his birthdayy & forreall he is a great person all the famous ppl is , but you really need to back off & dont even get me start about my husbanddd drakee ! sooo juusss plzz stopp stayin bad stuff about themm . ; & you can do it once & a while but not every ****in dayy :0
love , jordannpaigeee :) find me on fb jordann paigee (isinyobed)

967 days ago

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959 days ago

II The reiz    

rappers nowdays act crayzily.

955 days ago
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