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Bill Nye the Science Guy

Locked in $57,000 Battle

with Stalker Ex-Girlfriend

2/27/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Nye the Science Guy is dragging his ex-girlfriend back to court
Bill Nye the Science Guy is dragging his ex-girlfriend back to court -- claiming she forced him to rack up $57,000 in attorney's fees by acting like a crazy stalker ... and is now refusing to pay the bill.

According to the docs, it all started back in 2006 after the couple broke up -- Bill claims his ex Blair Tindall stole several expensive items from his house, including his laptop, which she then used to send defamatory emails impersonating him. Bill claims she also poured herbicide on his rose bushes.

TMZ broke the story back in 2007 ... Bill sought out a protective order as a result -- and obtained a 6-year injunction against her a few months later, requiring her to stay 100 yards away from him.

According to the new docs, Tindall violated that order in 2009 -- so he went back to court to enforce it ... and racked up a $57,000 legal bill in the process. The court then ordered Blair to cover the damage.

Bill claims she hasn't forked over a penny since -- so now, he's dragging her back to court to get his money.

Blair tells TMZ ... "Bill Nye was the love of my life. I'm surprised he has taken this action against me.  I have no funds to pay him, and he is a very wealthy man, so I'm not sure where this is coming from."


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Hey dummy, if that really is you, it doesn't matter if he has a hundred million dollars or one dollar in his account, when a judge orders you to pay something, you're legally responsible by law to pay it. How about you put your big girl pants, take your medication, get a job and stop making up excuses as to why you're the victim when this whole thing started because of you.

914 days ago


Tiniest violin for Blair, she's a psycho and needs to pay up and leave Bill alone.

914 days ago

Matt Surabian    


914 days ago


Because you made his life hell ya ****

914 days ago


Good for Bill, he's not letting her manipulative his life any longer. She sounds horrible, killing his rosebushes really? It's like she was trying to kill something he cared about, probably even jealous of the rosebushes cause they meant more to him than her pyshco @ss. And then stealig his laptop and sending emails on his behalf? She's an abusive control freak and I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. She needs to stop making excuses and pay up, she can pay installments, she is full of crap and I'm sure the judge will see right through this.

914 days ago


thank you bill for teaching us everyday and making us laugh... dont stick your d in crazy and move on! you can do way better.. one of the only good "celebs" out there.. if you have something bad to say youre probably black or an ahole

914 days ago


"Blair" if that's realy you, you are proving to everyone right now how unstable you actually are. This case went to court, a jury and a judge heard it. It's clear the decision was made with the evidence provided that you legally owe Bill money. You don't have a leg to stand on. Feeling hurt does not allow you break the law. Pay up and quit trying to blame Bill for your actions. No one forced you to do anything, it was your decision and you're an adult. No one believes you and you need to get a grip on reality. You've done enough damage now simmer down and get it together. By the way, your sob story doesn't fool anyone. GO and get a job, one way or another you need to pay the money owed even if that means you don't get to do your music. Get over yourself, Peace.

914 days ago


Yep, that "love of my life" quote is enough for me to believe Bill's story. You don't say that about someone who was just a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially 6 years after you broke up.

914 days ago

small asian penis    

Blair- denial is more than a river in Egypt

914 days ago

Screenmancer Staff    

Blair Tindall is a gifted author and musician in her own right. Long before she met Bill Nye she had accomplished writing MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, among other pursuits. Nye led her on and staged a sham marriage, impacted her credit cards and treated her like an asset then threw her out like a liability. She was going to write a book about it, which didn't seem useful to many who know her, but after this she should really let the book speak on her behalf. That TMZ describes her as "Stalker Ex-Girlfriend" is just part of the "nuts and sluts" way we treat women in this country. Harvey, why don't you look at her CV, before you let a headline fly that is both lazy and despicable.

914 days ago


"so I'm not sure where this is coming from."

Ahh that's it ...confirmation you're a nut.

914 days ago


blair tindall is unequivocally, undoubtedly my first brush with "psycho" on TMZ. i am 100% convinced the nye, whatever his motives are, is right on. the woman is clearly unhinged and in need of serious psychological help and most likely did whatever it is that he alleges. who spends their day defending themselves against a bunch of strangers' comments on a website that doesn't even work properly?! LOL pathetic doesn't even begin to cover it.

914 days ago


Yeah, well, he's clearly kind of a ****.
Bill Nye the Misogynist Guy?
"she's not pretty enough, athletic enough, or a good enough dancer". Had no idea Bill was into dancing. But he is, apparently, into marrying chicks with good credit scores to help him get a jumbo mortgage.

913 days ago


"terrorized him!" What, she drove by his house? Oh, she killed weeds in her I mean his garden. OMG IM SKINNY NURDY BILL NYE IM SKEERED OF OBOE LADY, you guys are retards.

913 days ago


but, what happened to miss "blair's" comments? i sure do miss her.

913 days ago
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