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Davy Jones’ Death

Revs Up Monkeemobile Mystery

2/29/2012 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

what the hell happened to the infamous Monkeemobile
The sudden death of Davy Jones today has re-opened the greatest mystery in television history -- what the hell happened to the infamous Monkeemobile??? And TMZ has the answer ...

For those of you under 55 ... the Monkeemobile is the modified Pontiac GTO made famous on the 1960s Monkees TV show -- and the second Davy died ... it became THE hot topic in the Monkees fan world.

Famed car customizer George Barris -- who built the car for the show -- tells TMZ, he's been getting calls non-stop ever since Davy passed away ... bombarded with questions like, “Where is the car? Is it still available? Can we see it? Can we take a photo with it?”
But there's one problem ... George doesn't have the car anymore -- he sold it at auction back in 2008 for roughly $500,000 ... to a Michigan man by the name of Mel Gutherie.

And Mel tells us, he's always open to fans taking pictures with the car -- but they better be willing to travel to the Midwest ... because he doesn't feel comfortable driving it very far. In fact, he had to have it TRUCKED to a Davy Jones concert in 2010, where Davy signed the hood (above).

Fun fact -- in approximately 40 years, the car has only racked up 8,000 miles.



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Guys, Dean Jeffries built the Monkeemobile not George Barris. Barris has a habit of taking credit for famous cars he didn't build like the Green Hornet's car. Please don't give this jerk anymore credit than he deserves.

931 days ago


Um... you do realize that Barris did NOT build the Monkeemobile.... He restored it...

Dean Jeffries built it for the show... Along with a few of the many other cars that Barris has "claimed" to have built.

Even a quick Google search would provide plenty of proof that you didn't do your homework here...

931 days ago


If I remember correctly, the car was at the Peterson Automotive Museum here on Wilshire near Fairfax some years back when the Museum first opened.

931 days ago


George barris is the king of bull****ters and did not build the Monkeemobile. Dean Jeffries built it. Barris takes credit for things he had nothing to do with. He did buy it and probably sold it years ago after pulling molds and claiming the last one was real. He tried to sell a repro Batmobile someone else built as an original #7 or something.

930 days ago


"For those of you under 55..." Huh? I'm 44 and I remember all of this stuff. Granted it was currently airing when I was born it was still re-run many times after it's initial airing AND MTV re-aired all the episodes in the 1986 as well. I'm sure It's been aired on other channels as well more recently. I'm sure there are some very young people who aren't as familiar with this group but really...don't underestimate your readers.

930 days ago

Danielle are correct the monkeemobile was in the Peterson museum but NOT the MONKEEMOBILE this article is talking about. Monkeemobile #1 was in the museum and that one resides in Bergen County NJ

930 days ago


jesus, TMZ. do better research! Dean Jeffries built the monkeymobile, not George Barris. Barris created clones of it.

930 days ago


Wow, TMZ, I thought you knew your stuff better. Even Wikipedia knows, it was Dean Jeffries who built both of the cars used on the show. And it's LISTED ON EACH EPISODE IN THE CREDITS! Get your $h!t together, guys!

930 days ago


Why Is George Barris Getting Credit For The Monkeemobile?

Dean Jeffries built the Monkeemobile, back in 1966.

928 days ago


Do your homework, TMZ. There is a generation of Monkee fans that are "under 55." In the mid '80s, MTV introduced the show and the band to a new generation. Because of the hysteria, thanks to its new legion of then-teenage fans, their career as The Monkees was resurrected. So, no, you don't need to explain what a Monkeemobile is...

928 days ago

Michael L.    

You guys got this one all wrong...
There were actually 2 Monkeemobile built in 1966 - neither was built by Barris, who purchased one and toured it around from 1970-2008, when he sold the car for $360...,000 at auction. The other Monkeemobile ended up in Australia, then Puerto Rico, and was brought back to the states in 1990. That car is owned by a private collector and rearly shown. There are several replicas today, some better than others, but if you think you've seen the Monkeemobile recently - you probably haven't...

923 days ago


Hello, Dean Jeffries built the Monkeemobile, He built two of them at the same time for Pontiac Motor Division.

911 days ago


There needs to be a correction to this story; the Monkeemobile was styled by DEAN JEFFRIES, not George Barris. While I respect George for his work on famous rods like the '60...s Batmobile, and the Munster's Koach, he had nothing to do with the Monkeemobile design. His only claim to it was that he bought one of the two original cars years back, and stuck his name on it. For shame George...taking credit for something you didn't do.

906 days ago


If TMZ did their homework they would know George Barris DID NOT build the original Monkeemobile's meaning two that where built for the show do your research.

904 days ago


George Barris didnt build that car Dean Jefferies built it

818 days ago
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