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Rapper Jim Jones

I Didn't Order ANYONE

to Attack Disruptive Fan

3/1/2012 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Jones
is adamant ... he did NOT instruct members of his crew to go into the crowd at a Boston concert and rough up a moronic fan ... even though the fan threw a drink at his head.

Jones was performing at the Middle East nightclub Tuesday night  ... when some idiot in the crowd fired a red solo cup at the rapper ... which sailed right above Jim's head and exploded on a light in the rafters.

Jones stopped the show and tried to identify the culprit ... when several big dudes who were on the stage jumped down into the crowd and tried to confront the cup-tosser in person.

After some pushing and shoving and screaming ... security rushed in and broke it up ... and the cup-thrower was thrown out of the show.

TMZ spoke with Jones ... who tells us, "I would never instruct people to jump down from the stage ... I wish it wouldn't have happened."


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Jim! Just drink the Kool Aide!

968 days ago


We all saw the video, Jim Jones!

968 days ago


Wish it didn't happen? He stopped the freakin concert and caused the mayhem.

968 days ago


Interesting video. I like it when the goon turns his hat around, just before jumping into the crowd. It reminded me of the character from "Every Which Way but Loose" played by Geoffrey Lewis as Orville. He would turn his hat around when ever he was gonna kick some serious a*s.

They're all morons, the whole lot of them.

968 days ago


every day TMZ has stories about these stupid ******s.
enough is enough.

968 days ago


Its too bad some fool has to start trouble. Usually these rap/hiphop shows are peaceful and everyone has a swell time.

968 days ago


He calls himself Jim Jones? I guess "Manson" was already taken by Marilyn. Maybe there should be a death-metal band called Grandsons of Sam.

968 days ago


Idiot shouldn't have thrown the drink. Dummy.

968 days ago

Mike Bronner    

looks like a paper airplane. Scary

968 days ago


I am adamant, that he sent his goons in...def didn't try and stop them

Who'd have thought this kind of behavior would go on at a rap event?

968 days ago


PLEASE! This from a grown man who still thinks it's "cool" to sag his pants and show his underwear? He clearly didn't come from money and isn't gonna change.

968 days ago

big al    

This guy is a complete liar & a coward. This isn't the first time something has happened at a Jim Jones show & his "goons" have attacked someone. I've seen several videos of this very same thing happening. If he wished it hadn't have happened he would have kept the show going. Performers are always having things thrown at them, sometimes actually getting hit & they go on with the show. My only wish is that he'd have actually gotten hit. How foolish & zoo-like did this punk look in the lobby of that hotel. All that ruckus & he didn't end up accomplishing anything except getting his butt thrown in jail. This guy & 99% of these so called hard rappers are nothing more than scared wimps without being accompanied by a "crew". They should ask themselves where they're crews would be if they weren't in the limelight. Probably leeching off of another scared rapper. SMDH!

968 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

The reason why the news always reports on white people shooting up schools and murdering and molesting is because black people commit those types of crimes so much that it is common place not news anymore a news stations did report all ethnic crimes at one point but it was complained about by ethnic people because the truth made them look bad so when the rare white crime happens it is news, you people that say black and brown kids dont bring guns to school and shoot people up hahahaha that occurs so often it is no longer news and the news would be called racist if they reported every time it happened because there are not enough hours in the day to report it all. just because equality is a right does not make it a fact.

968 days ago


LOL....dude is lying by omission. He didn't tell his goons to go down in the audience after the cup thrower but we all know what they are there have Jim's back. Why didn't he tell his goons to come back on stage and let security handle it.

968 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Take all of these self entitled idiot rappers and put them in prison where they belong.

968 days ago
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