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Mel Gibson

No More Anger Issues

3/1/2012 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
has done all he needs to do to prove he has conquered his anger issues ... TMZ has learned.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner this AM and showed her honor proof that Mel not only completed the required number of hours of court-ordered anger management therapy -- he exceeded it.

As a result, all Mel has to do now to get off of probation -- for pleading no contest to battery against Oksana Grigorieva -- is keep his nose clean for 2 more years, and then he's officially off informal probation.



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Majestik: 16 minutes ago

Nice to see the "Happy" Mel photos. I was getting a little tired of the "WORST" possible photos you could find. Oh wait, it's TMZ, everyone but the bikini broads get the worst shots.
Well, people say the bikini broads look like a guy with fake tits, so that isn't what ya call a good picture either. LOL

934 days ago


Hey -- Doc CJ Dogbarker (woofer) -- it seems from reading some of your posts that you have some serious anger issues yourself.

934 days ago


@ "THE BEAVER" - um yeah, right....i missed you like a dog misses fleas!
@ Realist -Hawaii was GREAT. I keep thinking about moving there for a year or 2 just so I can "check it off" my "LIST". About those chocolate covered mac's....i may have eaten one (or all!...opps!)

934 days ago


Okay, I gotta laugh at this TMZ article. First of all, I'm happy that Mel had a glowing report for the judge, but -- wat I am laughing about -- is usually when there is an article like this, then not far behind will be some picture of OG with Lucia, or dare I say, something about OG's singing career!!!!! Could it be that OG has been booked again as a lounge lizard act!!!!!

934 days ago


just saw him buying groceries here in panama, crazy that I log on to tmz and hes on the main page I took a pict too lol

934 days ago


The irony in all of this is that if this case were in Russia, Miss Grigorieva would be having to do that thing Mel in the Jacuzzi he was demanding rather than legal threatening. In Russia, there is no such thing as paternity. It's a throw back to the 70 years of communism. Woman have had access to all available forms of birth control. Therefore, the woman is entirely responsible for her decision to pro-create. I'm NOT saying I agree with it. It's just the way it is. In a cruely misogynistic way, it forces the mothers to "put out" in order to keep the fathers paying. It probably makes Prime Minister/ President/ Supreme Leader's life a lot less complicated. Russia is a cruel cynical place. It goes way beyond Stalin, think Ivan the Terrible, or Attila the Hun.

934 days ago


Yea right, taking anger management classes so often does not work, just like with Chris Brown! He completed all his classes too and is still breaking the law. It will be difficult for that woman beater Mel to keep his nose clean.

934 days ago


So funny how Realist, and infected bunny, just lurk in the shadows, and attack anyone, anyone at all, with an opinion opposing Mel! And what sort of pea brains only come onto TMZ for Mel stories? A pea brain with a slice of nazi vermin contamination!

934 days ago


uhhm, yeah. So TMZ, you know sometimes people use their own anger as a motivator. We'll wait until Harvey produces his own Braveheart.

934 days ago


Considering what this man's socalled "ANGER ISSUES" have cost him over the last five or six years -- I WOULD BE "CURED" TOO!!! Wealthy high profile people will always be "TARGETS" for "OPPORTUNISTS"!!! I've known quite a few people who "CURSE LIKE SAILORS" but essentially they were very good people in both "good" and "bad" times. Realistically, people "NEVER" stop getting "ANGRY"!!! As we mature, we choose our battles much more carefully and it doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to figure out who really "HAS YOUR BACK". Ole Greedy "KNEW" she was dealing with an "angry", "embattled" man facing a "middle life" crisis. What was that "DIZZY AZZ" broad expecting??? GANHDI!!! If a "BROKE AZZ" homeless man cursed her "TRIFLING AZZ" out, she would have just ignored him and kept on walking because extorting him would have gotten her "NOTHING"!!! Pretending as if she didn't have an "OPPORTUNISTIC" bone in her body and no "PREDATORY" instincts is nothing more than BS!!!

934 days ago


Hi 2is, and to all those of good will (which excludes flock). How was your vacation 2i?

I noticed that Giblitz is getting a 'drinkers nose' that alcoholic men start to get in their 50s. It looks more prevalent in frontal pics of him......

One of the posters commented about seeing him in Panama already. Didn't take him long to split once his hearing was over, did it? Too bad he can't stay very long - since he's got 'parental duties', but I guess for him a shirt tequila binge is better than none at all. Funny how the judge didn't get wind of his road rage incident in Costa Rica or his secret trip to AZ which was discovered because of another car accident. You would think if OG was on the war path she would have made the judge aware of that.

Realist I don't get the point your trying to make about Polanski. By comparing the 2, you're putting them in the same class - which btw, in the minds of many, they are. Then you say if people forgave Polanski, why not Giblitz? That rationale would make more sense if YOU have forgiven Polanski, but it appears from what I've read, you think he's slime. Don't blame others for being unforgiving when you are as well.

934 days ago


Sure, Mel, ahuh. Tick, tick, tick.

934 days ago

get a life ho    

No more anger issues ??

Maybe this TMZ writer also does stand-up comedy on the side ?

If you want see Racist Mel snap it will certainly occur if Oxy starts dating a nice Jewish African- American man . A few posted pictures of a black man holding his little girl with Oxy should do the trick .,.,.,,.

Racist Mels career is so over .,.,,.it couldn't happen to a nicer a$$hole .,.,.

934 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

Jesus Dements

934 days ago


Polanski is a child abuser, Mel slapped a thief. Mel has owned and taken responsibility for what he has done. Polanski has run from what he did.

934 days ago
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