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Young Jeezy

Massive Brawl Erupts

During Orlando Concert [Video]

3/1/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dozens of angry fans transformed into a violent mob at a Young Jeezy concert in Orlando this weekend ... smashing people with chairs, bottles and even a mic stand ... and TMZ has the insane fight footage.

Jeezy was on stage rapping at the BB King Blues Club on Sunday ... when security asked some of the fans to move back from the stage. Sources at the scene tell TMZ ... a bunch of rowdy fans resisted ... and started talkin' smack to the security personnel.

Tensions grew ... until someone in the crowd fired a drink at the stage ... and that's when the place went nuts. Suddenly, everyone started fighting and throwing things ... including a mic stand.

Jeezy went on the loudspeaker and tried to calm everyone down ... but the crowd refused to yield ... so Jeezy and his entourage decided to exit through the back before someone got hurt.

Eventually, the violence died down. It's unclear if anyone suffered any major injuries in the ruckus.

Sources close to Jeezy tell us the rapper was "very upset" with the venue ... because he felt they should have done a better job controlling the crowd.

We called the venue for comment -- but so far, radio silence.


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". . .the rapper was very upset with the venue. . ."
Typical, blame somebody else. He is on stage rapping about how great the thug life is and then blames the venue when thug behavior breakout among his "fans". Rap music is crap.

931 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..... Moon-crickets on the Attack... HA HA HA HA HA..... Animals!!!!

931 days ago


Like I said yesterday regarding the shooting at some rappers house........SO TYPICAL!!!!!

931 days ago

Flying Blind    

that's funny, is that the final scene out of Blazing Saddles. another rapper no one has heard of .... next.

931 days ago


Well duh

931 days ago


Why would anyone want attend a Hip Hop concert? This happens all to often at these shows. In this clip you can see one of the performers getting involved in the fight....why? Just leave the stage and the police not their security handle the crowd!

And as far as the people who started it along with throwing things at the performers....outright animals!

931 days ago


Who??? Besides, it's Florida, who cares?

931 days ago


Uncivilized savages

931 days ago

Real n the field    

Ghettoism is definitely rooted in SLAVERY.
By not allowing them to read and write for hundreds of years, the majority of blacks turned out this way for centuries.

I thank my parents for being strict as heck with me, and introducing me to Christ at an early age...that coupled with fashion, and Black Renaissance (the times when blacks dressed and acted with class) era, kept me from indulging in this barbaric state of being.

I cant stand "hood" people, and didn't even own a pair of jeans for wont find
a "hoodie" no where in my closet!!

There are many many, classy, professional, well mannered African Americans all through out the US...but there invisible to society, because people like TMZ, keeps showing the
negative things of the Ghetto instead...

Remember, before there was a "Black" Ghetto,,,there was a "jewish" ghetto FIRST..
stop the brainwashing...

931 days ago


these ******s belong in a zoo

931 days ago

mike hunt    

Now this is just an observation, but I've been to hundreds of Rock and Roll concerts, attended by predominantly white people and never have I seen any type of behavior that approaches this. This is the reason that coloreds all end up in prison - they can't control themselves, think they're entitled to do whatever they want to and never think through the consequences of their actions. We need to institute some serious birth control stopping all coloreds from breeding before it's too late and we have to re-institute other methods of control to keep them away from civilized humans. There's a reason they were kept locked up and forced to do physical labor - it was the only way we could get them to do anything at all. The saddest thing is that some coloreds are normal, and others breed tens of copies which they never pay for and which end up getting paid for by us white people's taxes. WE need to demand that anyone on welfare be forced to be permanently sterilized in order to receive food stamps, section 8 housing or any benefits at all. Why should we pay for some colored to live eat and be sheltered only to have it breed? It should be a felony for any recipient of government assistance to breed and furthermore every single colored involved in this melee should be charged criminally.

931 days ago

i said lesbians...    


931 days ago


The racism here is very evident and ignorant might I add. So many claim "I've been to rock concerts and this hasn't happened." well I'VE been to rap concerts where this has not happened! TMZ isn't here to necessarily report the GOOD news. Just because this has happened doesn't mean it ALWAYS happens. Just like there are ignorant black folks, there are ignorant white folks as well. Stop it with the ignorance.

931 days ago


A fight at a rap concert? You have got to be kidding!!

931 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Typical behavior from a bunch of animals. Self entitled fools who think they are above the law and do nothing but make America look like a ghetto cesspool.

930 days ago
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