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Pregnant Snooki

Gunning for Mother of the Year

3/2/2012 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki is in the midst of a MAJOR transformation ... from a sloppy, smooshy drunken idiot ... to a RESPONSIBLE mom-to-be who's taking her pregnancy very seriously ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the MTV star tell us ... ever since Snooki discovered she was with child she quit drinking, quit screwing around ... and has convinced the people around her that she could develop into "mother of the year."

We're told Snooki comes from a loving family ... she's very close with her mom ... and she completely understands what it takes to become a responsible mother.

The timing of Snooki's pregnancy couldn't have worked out better ... 'cause we're told the premise of her upcoming "Jersey Shore" spin-off reality show with Jwoww is "the last hurrah."

Sources connected to the production tell us the show will follow the girls as they transition into adulthood ... move into an adult apartment ... and take some serious adult steps with their boyfriends.

We're told the boyfriends will not have starring roles on the show ... but the relationships will be "key."

As for Snooki, we're told she has no plans to marry her BF ... yet ... even though he's most likely the baby daddy.



No Avatar

Linda Petrou    

How about an responsible husband and father?

934 days ago


who really cares about these skank whores?

934 days ago


Poor child..kyrie eleison Christe eleison. Why won't she just adopt the baby. Give the child a break Snooki. You're a loser.

934 days ago

Yolanda Garcia-Berdecia    

Has it been confirmed that she is pregnant? Is Jionni La Valle Snooki's child Dad?

934 days ago


I can say with 100% honesty that as a 24 year old I have never watched a single episode of the Jersey Shore, and a pregnancy isn't going to make me start watching now. I don't understand the appeal of a show like this. Time for them to just go away already.

934 days ago


From being a skank on TV, sleeping around, boozing it up 24 hours a day, drinking your breakfast, falling down, showing your crotch to the cameras and bar hounds, hoping you "get it in" with a new guy each night, bragging about being a drunk meatball, swearing like a trucker, talking about your poor hygiene issues, to Mother of the Year?

As if.

934 days ago


You mean, Hooker of the Year

934 days ago


"Mommy Snooki, what do you do for a living?"

"Well baby, I drink, and I drink some more, I fall down for the cameras, I flash my kitty for the cameras, I sleep around, I brag about sleeping around, I wake and drink some more, sleep around some more, and I hump things at the clubs. That is what your Mommy does, are you proud of me baby?"

934 days ago


Giving birth to a baby with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome does not = mother of the year.

She was pregnant over New Years, yet partying and making appearances. Was she drinking all that time she denied that she was pregnant? To cover up for those who witnessed her drinking?

934 days ago


Last ditch effort to save the show. The people who watched the original Jersey Shore will not be interested in watching the perfect little mommy, that's my guess anyway

934 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Riiight, as they move into an apartment the show got for them and go on shopping trips to baby stores the show arranged for them. Reality shows are so real, this how real people really transition into adulthood.

We poor non tv people must just have been living in fakality all this time.

934 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

God know what that poor fetus has been swimming in. That's not a joke, Snooki has always made a point to drink beyond the point of mere inebriation, part of her "persona" was to be falling down drunk. It's good if she has truly stopped drinking, but I fear the damage is already done. BTW, anyone know how many packs a day she smokes?

934 days ago


I have never watched Jersey Shore, you don't have to in order to keep up with these fools. I wish her the best but I'm not getting my hopes up. Of course, there are people less f***ed up than her that have done worse. So who knows.

934 days ago


The poor child will be brought up in a world of stupid people raising it.As soon as it comes out she'll put those stupid sun glasses on it or copy her horrible make-up.

934 days ago


Snooki and the rest are paid actors ... those are not their real personas. Hard concept for most of you to grasp. She is a smart woman and is going to be a great mom. You are reacting to the words of extremely poor reporting. I'm sure she knows who the father is .. u guys are so easily trolled it is embarrassing.

934 days ago
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