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Mike Epps

Sure We Fight

But I 'Still Love' My Daughter

3/3/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Epps
wants to clear the air after his daughter accused him of threatening to "f**k her up" -- telling TMZ, "I love my daughter, but sometimes father and daughter have disagreements."

TMZ broke the story ... Mike's 18-year-old daughter Bria filed a police report against him -- claiming he threatened to hurt her because she promised to "air some family drama" to the media.

According to Bria, the argument started after Mike's recent appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show" -- Bria's feelings were hurt because he only gave a shout out to two of his kids ... snubbing the rest, Bria included.

Sources close to Mike claim the argument started over school tuition -- Bria wanted Mike to pay her tuition to her in cash ... Mike insisted on paying the school directly.

But now, Mike wants to let bygones be bygones -- telling TMZ, "It's hard being a dad, especially a dad of a teenager ... I still love her though."

And if that wasn't clear enough, Mike looked right into our camera and said it again -- "I love you Bria."


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So not a hater     

Mike epps was just at the Casino in biloxi mississippi so i am sure he aint studden this ****

963 days ago


And who are these people?

963 days ago

NON YA    

That was fake his manager or whoever told him to make a public apology. U can't excuse what he said. The evidence is right in ur face and because he's famous it's all good. She's a girl not a boy u can excuse that with a boy because men need tough love. but to tell a women ur daughter who u are suppose to protect some stuff like that. That's telling her it's okay to be beat. To go Hook up wit a chris brown *****

963 days ago


This is what happens when kids gets everything handed to them on a silver platter.The moment you tighten the purse string they cry foul.He was dead wrong for talking to her in that manner..we only hear what he said..not what she said..either way not okay.Sounds like a lil blackmailing going on ,for daddy's dirty little secrets.Hope they can resolve this behind close doors.

963 days ago


He's suppose to protect her from stuff like this not introduce her to it.

963 days ago


ok we dont know the holes we dig for ourselves. Mike daughter broke federal laws wen she recorded him without him kwoning. So th next time you file charges against someone think about what you are doing. It may back fire ask Lisa Tipp

963 days ago


Both Father and daughter are "REAL PIECES OF WORK"!!! The only thing that seems to be holding their relationship together is "MONEY"!!! Bria needs to "WOMAN UP" and distance herself from her father. If she "REALLY" wants to attend college, she can do it "WITHOUT HIS HELP"!!! What else did she expect??? Mike Epps isn't known for his "class" and "decorum". He's a common "HOOD RAT" and THAT'S HOW HE ROLLS. Wendy Williams was interviewing HIM -- NOT HER!!! His somewhat "obscure" celebrity status doesn't "automatically" extend to his children and Bria needs to "GET OVER IT"!!! Should she be "REWARDED" for "bitting the hand that feeds her" -- HELL NO!!! It's "HIS" money and he can do WHATEVER HE DEEMS FIT!!!

962 days ago


he said that " I Love You Bria " bull**** sarcastic is sht , come on now mike from celeb to celeb i know how it is tryna handle family ties out n the open u gotta keep it clean as possible , thats how it was when i first made it , but i cant take comdeians serious anyway , lol not katt will , not K.H(Philly) not even one ! lol , but i knw how it gets mike , keep grindin

962 days ago

Just maine    

I'm on Mike's side! What did she say to him to make him go off on her? I believe her mother put her to it! Dang shame everybody wants 15 minutes of fame no matter how they get it!

962 days ago

Harold Melvin    

mike is a stupid bitch. u dont treat some kids special and the others like they dont exist and then expect them to respect you. mike epps is totally wrong.

962 days ago

Harold Melvin    

@James25 bitch u sound stupid, u dont know that girl or what she's been through, dumb ass hoe

962 days ago


I WOULD NEVER CALL MY CHILD A's just wrong on all levels. And how can she be a spoiled brat if he never provided for her financially....obviously she had a very threatening story to tell for him to go all psychotic over the phone.....I THINK HE IS A DEADBEAT DISRESPECTFUL FATHER WHO NEEDS TO PAY BACK CHILD SUPPORT.... HE TOOK 1000 FEET BACKWARDS AND I WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT HIM.

962 days ago


What I heard on the recording was the daughter stated "STOP CALLING MY PHONE BEING DISRESPECTFUL" obviously, he was calling her. Also I heard near the end of the recording Mike called his daughter a "ONE LUNG BITCH" I researched this comment, the daughter was born premature with one collapse lung, a medical condition that she suffers from to this day, and she is frequently hospitalized often for this medical condition. To mock your daughters medical condition is cruel and wrong on so many levels. This disagreement is not about money or college tution, if it was the mother would have filed for COURT ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT for the past 18 years. The mother never sought court order child support. The disagreement is about being disowned. The man got on national television and stated I have 2 daughters naming his 2 kids with his wife. He did not claim Bria. The child is suffering from embarrassment, her family and friends may have seen the Wendy Williams show. And to all the commentors calling this child a Bitch when you do not have all the facts is so wrong. Have you ever heard the phrase, "I can call her that I am her daddy, But you better not do it!". It was dead wrong how Mike talk to his daughter. No excuses for his disgraceful behavior. Do not be so Star Struck that you support or encourage this disgraceful behavior. Shame on Mike Epps and shame on his supporters. Hooray for Bria Epps for having the courage to call her daddy out. To get Respect as a Parent, You got to give Respect to your child. It ain't what you say It is how you say it! Get the point?

961 days ago


That's Holleywood for ya! As a human being I would never release any family problems to the media, THAT'S PRIVATE, I think she sounds spoiled and was hard up for cash, so what better way to make money and sell? Very very sad...

961 days ago


First of all Bria was acting like a selfish disrespectful B***H! First of all she’s a B***H for even recording the conversation between her and her dad, like that what you call a punk A** move with a motive. Anyway Mike Epps is a comedian and they say the first thing that comes to their minds plus Bria is the child and she should stay in a child’s place no matter what the parent has done, have not done, or will not do. Plus Mike Epps don’t owe Bria a damn thang and she knew exactly what she was trying to do by taping the conversation, like little girl get over it and stop putting your dirty laundry out to dry before you clean them. Hell no matter what the real problem was between them, Bria you are 18 years old grow up and stop being a brat and live your own life and stop trying to make it hard for your dad because you want to act like an A**wipe, do it on your own time and not in the spotlight. I truly don’t see nothing wrong with what he said, she came at him like she wanted it and he gave it, hell she is an adult not a child anymore so if you through dirt at the beach, B***H be ready to get thrown in the water.

961 days ago
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