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Seattle Seahawks Star

You May Now Divorce the Bride

... for $500,000

3/3/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seattle Seahawks
sack-machine Chris Clemons is now officially divorced from his wife -- but TMZ has learned, it'll cost him $500,000 ... AND a Land Rover.

Clemons' wife Veranetta filed for divorce in 2010 on grounds of adultery -- claiming Chris admitted to having casual sex with several women in 2009 ... and would often disappear to Atlantic City at all hours of the night, returning home the next afternoon.

Veranetta also claims Chris -- who led the Seahawks in sacks in 2010 and 2011 -- was "physically, emotionally, and financially abusive" toward her during their relationship.

Clemons shot back, denying the allegations -- but insisting he wanted a divorce too.

As part of the divorce, Veranetta demanded exclusive use of the couple's Georgia mansion -- as well as one of their cars ... the Land Rover or the Bentley. On top of that, Veranetta wanted $10,000 a month in alimony for 5 years.

Neither side could agree on a settlement -- so it went before a jury ... which finalized the divorce last month, ordering Chris to cough up $500,000 and the Land Rover.

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another non celebrity story - who cares about a football players divorce? They all pay out the butt when they divorce.

964 days ago


Well, she got $100000 less in alimony than she wanted, so I guess it's a win for him? As to the car, I think he's the clear winner because I if I were him, I'd want the Bentley.

964 days ago


"Financially abusive" aka he's not giving me enough money aka I want more money.

964 days ago


YOU LAY YOU PAY. Easy as that.

964 days ago


This is the reason we men dont commit to marriage, women dont know how to behave with our money. Regardless of her being his wife he earned that money not her... She dont deserve that much of his wealth that he earned. He was likely cheating beacause of things she refuse to do.. period... Men learn from this.. Stay away from marriage... just date to you cannot date anymore.. its cheaper...

964 days ago

terrell m    

to a person making millions 500,000 and a land rover is a win win situation as far as divorce.. imagine if they would have got married and divorced in california... where the wife is automatically given half of everything..kobe would be shaking his head to this story!!

964 days ago


Why do these guys marry?? They can have a different female every night two or three together if they want. Also why do they breed they have kids with woman and woman who get PG on purpose for the big meal ticket - don't you fools learn anything from the all the other bad examples around you???

964 days ago

Divorce Coach    

Ok lets run some basic numbers here. Chris Clemons signed a contract with Seattle Seahawks for 5 years/$1260... million and will make $3 million in 2012 alone. The $500,000 cash and a nice car is a good deal for both of them! Notice I say good for both of them. No monthly checks to her. No additional monies, no shares of future earnings, no retirement accounts, nothing. He is done, she is done. Am I saying that she should get more/he should pay less no. Just that the pay out is clean and allows both of them to go on without further contact with each other. No further court battles. Done. There is alot to be said about being completely done. Side note here. Ask any sports figure paying significantly more for their divorce settlement and see if they would have liked to have had this offer. I think you would get a resounding YES to the question. Now lets hope that the attorneys write the fine print so that all loopholes are closed, transfer date of funds, how and to where, to reduce tax liability and eliminate any need to go back and forth in the future on incorrectly addressed issues. At least that is how we would handle it. Custody Calculations Divorce Coach. Retired Law Enforcement Officer.

962 days ago


500'000$? Is that a weeks salary? Headhunter

699 days ago

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