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Kris Humphries

Our Wedding Guests Should

Get Their Damn Gifts Back!

3/5/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries believes ... Kim Kardashian has NO RIGHT to keep the gifts from their doomed wedding ... insisting every single item should be returned to the guests.

Sources close to the NBA star tell us ... Kris is adamant that gifts from a fraudulent wedding should be returned.

We're told Kris gives Kim props for cutting a check for twice the value of the gifts and giving it to charity ... but he feels Kim should have made the contribution IN ADDITION to returning the gifts.

Kris has told friends he feels the guests were duped into spending their hard-earned cash on wedding gifts ... claiming Kim never intended to give their marriage a real chance.

Kim insists she truly loved Kris and was legitimately heartbroken when their relationship fell apart.


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He right....Kim, you are not liked just as much is Casey Anthony is liked!!!

963 days ago


and LOOK, there is another soon to be has been making his last shot at fame. Keep Scratchin

963 days ago


He's right.

963 days ago


Dude is right...shame on that c*nt for keeping those gifts!

963 days ago


I agree with him, they should be returned to each and every guest. Kim and her Mom are greedy and writing a check for charity for a Tax Write Off does not make it right. She and her Mom puppeteer this entire fraudulent wedding and used the guests and Kris Humphries as props in the wedding.

Keeping the gifts shows what a greedy entitled selfish narcissists Kim and her Mom are.

She used and treated the guests and Kris Humphries in that scripted wedding and humiliated and exploited all of them. Just for her selfish attention seeking need to be in an expensive wedding gown. She should also return the gown to Vera Wang.

It is sickening that she kept the gifts and on top of it did not even share them with Humphries. She uses everyone around her to fulfill her own selfish motives.

Sick woman.

963 days ago


Remember how greedy and sick Kim and her Mom looked at that wedding registry, they could not point the gun at the expensive items fast enough. "I want I want, oooo i want" then yelled at Humphries for being late because he was not a greedy monger like her and her mother are, EXPECTING others to buy her expensive name brand silver, glass, dining wear, etc.

It all is so sickening how this woman thinks she is so entitled to so much and thinks she can hurt, use, humiliate, exploit others at any cost, just so she gets what she wants.

Totally sickening.

963 days ago


Giave it all back you phoney people work hard for their money

963 days ago


Is anyone more despised than Kim these days? Or more rightfully so? Kris H. should quickly distance himself from this nasty piece of trash, the further the better, eh?

963 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm not really sure I would want my 5-million thread count sheets back. She could keep them. If anyone really thought this was the real deal from the get-go shame on them, they deserve to lose a few bucks. Maybe it would have been wise to donate to charity in honor of their marriage because even Stevie Wonder could see it was all bull_zhit. It seems that Mr Humphries has had a taste of famewhoring and isn't quite done with it yet, though.

963 days ago


Expecting a succubus to do the right thing is a lost cause, Kris.

963 days ago


K, how many people attended the wedding? A few hundred I'd think. In that circle, I can't believe anyone would spend less than a few thousand on their wedding gift. So, a $100,000 even doubled seems kind of small.

963 days ago


The donation will help with her taxes, so this is a win-win situation for her. Give the gifts back. That whole family is just trash with money.

963 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Yes, they should get their gifts back or at the very MINIMUM, get a say in which charity to donate the value of their gift to.

963 days ago


Im with him on this one...why should she get to keep em.....? after all the whore didnt marry herself...and if Kris wants to gibve them back because he was used to get those gifts then they should be returned...this just proves that men need to just phk these whores and move on and marry a decent woman....do not get involved with this family of low class whorebitches!

963 days ago


Give them all back how can you keep them,, as phoney as you are

963 days ago
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