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'Growing Pains' Star

Kirk Cameron is DEAD WRONG

on Gay Rights

3/5/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tracey Gold is neither sharing the laughter nor the love with her former "Growing Pains" co-star Kirk Cameron after he blasted gay people on CNN.

Gold went to her Twitter page last night ... and posted, "I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE."

In fact, the image on Gold's Twitter page is a photo from the pro-gay rights NOH8 campaign.

As we previously reported, Kirk ignited a firestorm Friday night when he appeared on "Piers Morgan" and said, "I think [homosexuality is] ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."



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Reminds me of Tom telling whats his name, "You're so GLIB"! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

938 days ago


Gays force their 'choice' down our throats every day. This guy is stating his opinion and it turns into....'he's a homophobe!....stone him!!'....give me a break.

938 days ago


Damn now u cant even express your personal opinion about homosexuality without offending the entire homosexual community... What is this world coming too????

938 days ago


The hypocrisy of people. If he's a christian, we can attack his beliefs. If he's a muslim who speaks about killing americans, we respect his beliefs. Kirk has his beliefs and Tracy has hers. He is NOT intolerant because he does not believe in gay union! I'm sick and tired of the liberal agenda. Believe in what we think or we will call you prejudice, intolerant and a hater!!!

938 days ago


I didn't know it was wrong to have an opinion? What's wrong with not agreeing with homosexuality? Let the man think what he wants.

938 days ago


Kirk has every right to his beliefs and opinons just like everyone else who disagrees with him it's called freedom of speech and religion. I'm happy to be an American aren't you.

938 days ago


Sorry to break it to you, but homosexuality is unnatural, sex equals making babies, and thats only possible btw a man and a woman, as simple as that. Kirk Cameron just told that, and he said that if one of his children would be gay, he would acept it. I respect the LGTB comunity, and think everyone has the same rights, but the LGTB comunity should respect other opinions and points of view. Stop being a bunch of bullies!

938 days ago


Seriously? Kirk may oppose homosexuality but he did so in a very lovely and caring way. Don't make him out to be such a horrible guy. HE JUST ISN'T. So he differs in opinion - that doesn't make him a bad guy. In fact he is a GREAT man of GREAT Character.

938 days ago


At least he doesn't drive drunk with his kids in the car Tracey!

938 days ago


Boom-BYe-Bye ina battyboy head

938 days ago

Ronald Godwin    

Kirk Cameron is DEAD RIGHT BIBLICALLY. We do NOT hate the people but the SIN. I am an EX-Bi-sexual myself and I have a right to be heard as well. He IS right and I praise God he has taken a stand for the truth. I KNOW Kirk in the real world enough to know his heart is NOT to hurt anyone, but to simply bring out the truth and the truth is no matter what you THINK is right, God is the final judge and if your wrong, Eternal Hell awaits those that sin, no matter what the sin is. Repent of your sin, turn from them and follow Christ alone through faith alone. Thank you Kirk once again for being the stand up man I KNOW You to be.

938 days ago


America is a great country! This is the only country where you can openly express your thoughts and opinions! Kirk Cameron is not the only person that doesn't agree with gay relationships or gay marriage. He was only person enough to express his opinion on what he believes, based on his upbringing and his religion. They asked him a question and he answered it honestly, not politically correct! And for those who may be curious to see what the Bible actually says about same sex relationships, look at: Romans 1:24-27. In fact, this chapter is very short and easy to read. Just in case you want to continue reading. I don't hate gays, I don't judge gays. I view them as humans beings doing the best they can. But I don't agree or participate in their lifestyle. And I think Tracy Gold should take care of her health problems due to anorexia, instead of criticizing her friend and co-worker who was there for her when she needed someone. Just exercising my right of freedom of speech!

938 days ago


I'm with Kirk!

938 days ago


While I agree that God created woman for man not man for man, women for women, it is not right to show hate towards anyone. Hate the Sin love the sinner so my mama always says. As a parent of a child that has a disorder that cause him to be diffrent, we strive to teach him to love everyone because we are all the same we may look diffrent and act diffrent but when it is all said and done we are all humans. and to Kirk God doesn't like hate.

938 days ago


what, i thought he was gay

938 days ago
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