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'Growing Pains' Star

Kirk Cameron is DEAD WRONG

on Gay Rights

3/5/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tracey Gold is neither sharing the laughter nor the love with her former "Growing Pains" co-star Kirk Cameron after he blasted gay people on CNN.

Gold went to her Twitter page last night ... and posted, "I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE."

In fact, the image on Gold's Twitter page is a photo from the pro-gay rights NOH8 campaign.

As we previously reported, Kirk ignited a firestorm Friday night when he appeared on "Piers Morgan" and said, "I think [homosexuality is] ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."



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Kirk is absolutely correct on the LGBT choice. It is unnatural, detrimental, and destructive. Once people like Tracey understand the LBGT lifestyle is a choice, or mental illness, they normally begin to see the light. One thing the LGBT lifestyle isn't, and that's hereditary.

933 days ago


You know, I used to think Kirk Cameron was a nice person, even after he became a religious zealot. He never seemed to be judgemental or hateful but now I have to change my opinion. He is judging a group of people when he has no right to. He acts as if his word (and I assume what he attributes to God) is law and that yes, gays are unnatural, detrimental and destructive to society. Whew, thank god we have someone to show us the light b/c I sure don't want to end up in hell. Thank you Kirk Cameron.

933 days ago


Can someone please PLEASE tell me where Kirk was gay bashing or spreading any hate towards ANYONE? He has a basic Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong and not natural. That is his opinion. People can say that his belief is outdated but the truth of the matter is that most people do think homosexuality is not natural and the constant "in your face" attitude of the gay and lesbian world is ridiculous. GLAAD is the bully here. If you don't agree with them, they will make it their mission to destroy you. Tracey, you are entitled to your opinion as is Kirk. No hate in his comments.

933 days ago


She also almost killed her family when she drove drunk with her children in the car. So what's her point?

933 days ago


Funny how when someone commments on gays all you hate mongering christians come forward! LOL

933 days ago


this is a free country to say what you want...seems hypocritical that people who don't want to be hated on for their sexual preference would then in turn put the hate on someone who opposes their beliefs...where does it stop? i think people should be allowed to say sexist and racist things if that's how they feel...yes i may be offended, but it is called freedom of speech, all of us have a right in this country to say what we believe in without being harassed in return and it lets you know the person you are talking to without a phony robotic response that doesn't align with their core beliefs...i would rather be offended then live in a world where we all in agreement with one another, not because that's who we really are, but because we are cloned to give the appropriate response, scary!

933 days ago


Marriage is basically a religious institution and I think religions can make whatever rules they wish in regards to that. Legally it's a different matter and I think there is no reason at all to prohibit same sex legal partnerships and gays should have the same rights as anyone else under the law.

As far as what is natural or not, if a species consisted entirely of homosexual individuals, it would not last past the first generation as there would be no procreation. Maybe homosexuality is nature's method of population control. But even if that were the case, human intelligence and science has negated that due to artificial insemination. Whatever the case may be, homosexuality cannot be called unnatural as it happens naturally in many animal species, not only humans.

The bottom line is everyone should have the same rights under the law whether gay or straight or inbetween. Religious beliefs should be left at the door of whatever place of worship you happen to favor and never enter into decisions that will affect society in general, many of whom do not share those particular beliefs.

933 days ago


I love that America is slowly but surely coming to their senses. Just think where gay people were even 20 years ago. Now they host shows, head businesses, and can get married in some states.
The best part about it, besides gays being treated equally, is the pain and anger that homophobic, religious, yahoos are feeling. Everyday, their numbers dwindle, laws change, and I actually see hope that this country will one day be sane.
I would like to take this time to thank people like Kirk Cameron for further showing the deep lunacy inherit in living one's life from a fiction book, no different than Dianetics.

933 days ago


seems she just wanted 5 more seconds of fame....

933 days ago


just because his opinion is different from modern day thinking doesn't make him right or wrong God will be the final judge of those things, But he does have a right to his opinion we use to be if you thought it was okay to be gay you were crazy outrages, something wrong with you boy how the times have changed can't we all agree that people have a right to their opinion and that just because it's different from the norm it's okay

933 days ago


Good Grief! Doesn't everyone know Kirks gay?All those crackpots telling the rest of us how to live are hiding themselves.Thats why hes sooo freaky,hes hiding his own orientation.Which,no one [but him ] even cares!!!!!

933 days ago


Personally I think Kirk is right and think it's awesome that he's willing to stand up and say it.

933 days ago


Wow, I guess God descended from the heavens and put Kirk Cameron in charge of "Judgement". How disgusting that he professes to be such a great Christian but says horrible things like this. Good for you Tracy Gold - you are a class act.

933 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I've seen Kirk Cameron's show, have you? He was explaining to people how even little white lies you tell every day will send you hell. Telling them how they're all adulterers for looking at eachother with lust and going to hell. And how hating somebody is EXACTLY THE SAME AS MURDERING THEM in God's eyes. So by Kirk Camaroon's standards we here are all hellbound for gossiping on TMZ, and we and idolterers and adulterers (I know you were looking at that Upton girl with lust).

By New Testament standards gay people and people who come to TMZ are in the same boat. And don't quote me Leviticus unless you intend to eat Kosher, stop shaving, and stone your daughters.

933 days ago


Gee, I thought liberals were tolerant! Everyone can say what they want except Christians. What a joke.

933 days ago
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