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Rush to Rush Limbaugh


... or Else

3/7/2012 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The '80s have come back to bite Rush Limbaugh in the ass ... Rush (the band) has followed Peter Gabriel's lead and have demanded Limbaugh stop using their music on his radio show ASAP.

Rush (the band) was FURIOUS when they discovered Rush (radio guy) was playing their song "The Spirit of Radio" as he ranted about wanting to see sex tapes of Sandra Fluke. The band got even more upset when they learned it wasn't the first time Rush (radio) has used their music on his show.

The band has since fired off a cease and desist letter to Rush (radio) ... saying, "The public performance of Rush’s music is not licensed for political purposes and any such use is in breach of public performance licenses and constitutes copyright infringement."

The letter continues, "Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately stop all use of Rush’s music and confirm that you will do so."

As for Peter Gabriel ... his song, "Sledgehammer" was playing on Rush's radio show when he called Fluke a "slut" ... and, shocker, Peter's pissed too.

Gabriel's rep said the singer has demanded that his music also be pulled from Limbaugh's show.


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Billy Bob    

Well *******s, welcome to the world. It's called "fair-use", and is perfectly legal.

959 days ago


Good ahead Peter and Rush. Try and make points with the Liberals. In the process, 50% of the country will start boycotting your products. That's not very smart.

959 days ago


If you think Rush's music sucks, you're probably listening to Justin Beiber right now. I'm a fan of Limbaugh and the band (9x in concert since 1977-2011). Their political stance is similar to Limbaugh's but they don't want their music used politically, and there are certain copyright laws. Limbaugh messed up, realized it, and apologized for it; get over it. If you don't like him, don't listen to his program. If you don't like the band, don't listen to them.

958 days ago


Yes from what I've heard at least one member may be an Objectivist (like Ayn "Atlas Shrugged" Rand). Whether it's being used "politically" is up to debate--some say the likes of Bill Maher are "entertainers" and maybe Rush could fall into the same category, but it's also true advertisers sometimes will ask their spots not air on "controversial" programs. Using Rush's song as bumper music (just the intro, no vocals) may seem inappropriate or not. I do know some political candidates use certain songs at rallies and some musical artists ask them not to use the song. Whether Rush is an "entertainer" or a "news commentator" is up to debate. (Previously, Bruce Hornsby was upset Sean Hannity used The Way It Is--just the instrumental start--as part of his opening montage, along with Martina McBride's Independence Day (WITH vocals) and Toby Keith's "The Angry American (Brought To You By The Red White and Blue)" (WITH vocals.)

958 days ago


"The '80s have come back to bite Rush Limbaugh in the ass..." Ooh! What a burn! Perhaps someone should tell TMZ that The rock group Rush just completed a two year tour which sold out arenas in the USA, Europe and South America. Their upcoming "Clockwork Angels" album is considered one of the "Most Anticipated Albums" of 2012. Another tour will begin September of 2012. The rock group Rush had a "response" for Limbaugh as early as 1996 with their instrumental, "Limbo" as in Rush-Limbo or asking the uncaring, wealthy lying republican, "How low can you go?"

958 days ago


>>>#125 - Andrew: Somebody tell these ugly old bastards to STFU. These dried up old rockers never used and abused women? Hypocrites!<<<

Just saw this typical response of someone who can't be bothered to seek the truth for themselves (in other words, the type who listens to the lies of the wealthy, lying republic Limbaugh.) The three members of the rock group Rush have all been happily married for decades and each have loving children and grandchildren toddlers. They have given millions to charities and have won prestigious honors including having been honored as Officers of the Order of Canada. These are three of the most revered musicians/humanitarians ever to grace this planet with their talents and generosities. So by all means, Andrew, you STFU!

957 days ago


If people want to criticize the band Rush for not wanting their music played on the show,that's fine.If you don't like their music,that's fine too,but anyone who knows anything about music, knows that they are one the most talented musicians in the world,still popular and relevant.

Quick to judge,Quick to anger,Slow to understand.
Ignorance and prejudice And fear Walk hand in hand. -Rush

957 days ago


Geddy and Alex are not left handed...terrible job TMZ. Where did you chop those photos from? Worst job since the forger of Obama's Birth Certificate.

957 days ago


Neither Geddy or Alex is left handed TMZ...where did you chop those pics? Worst job since the forger of Obama's Birth Certificate.

957 days ago


#1 - Geddy and Alex are not left handed, terrible job TMZ...#2 - Rush just came in @ #32 on Billboard's Top 40 2011 MoneyMakers, not bad for a washed up 80s band.

957 days ago


I have been a fan of Rush the band since 1980 and a fan of Limbaugh since 1990. I love them both. But, at the end of the day Rush the band is right to ask Limbaugh not to play their music if they don't want it played under the banner of political radio.

Rush were very influenced in the 70s by Ayn Rand...whose thinking and writing was more right wing libertarian than anything else. Rush in their older age have become extremely secular and left leaning libertarian (sadly).

But, I can't help think that Rush the band made headlines for no good reason here. Their music has been bumper music off and on for 20 plus years on Limbaugh's show. Rush the band even made an instrumental song making fun of the comparison of their names back in 1996 with a song called "Limbo".

For those who say Rush are a bunch of has been's...their last tour between 2010 and 2011 grossed over $37.5 million dollars...that's just in ticket sales...not merch...not dvd sales...not cd sales...not mp3 is just in ticket sales.

Rush is constantly on Palladia and VH1 Classic and all over Sirius/XM and any classic rock station in the country. Their shows in Canada last summer alone played to 90,000, 40,000, 30,000 and 20,000 people. Does that sound like a band who is suffering?

I saw them in Dallas play to 15,000, Oklahoma to 10,000 and in Austin to 13,500. No opening act by the way since 1994.

The band is NOT has been's and Limbaugh was correct in what he said. So have both sides of the story.

957 days ago


Peter Gabriel, the band "Rush", or any other artist can't ban playback of their music on radio....stations pay for rights to do so. Without radio, their music wouldn't be known well or popular to begin with. Gabriel & others need a clue or shutup.

4 days ago
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