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Amanda Bynes

Bolts from Cops

During Traffic Stop

3/8/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes made a HUGE mistake during a traffic stop in L.A. yesterday ... she blew off the cop while he was writing the ticket and drove away from the scene ... TMZ has learned.

Bynes was originally pulled over for talking on a cell phone while driving yesterday afternoon. The officer approached the car and collected all of Amanda's information so he could write up the citation.

But Amanda didn't feel like waiting around ... and hit the gas before the cop could hand over the ticket for the actress to sign.

We're told the cop decided NOT to pursue Bynes because he didn't feel she was dangerous ... and besides, he already had all of her information.

Later that day, Bynes rolled by the police station and signed the ticket ... but we're told she's not off the hook for leaving the scene early.

Authorities are currently investigating the situation ... and will decide if Bynes should face further charges for her untimely exit.

Calls to Amanda's rep have not been returned.


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Jay W.     

Cop is not telling the whole story.
Sexy little Amanda told him to meet her at another location for some pants down recreation.
Cop figured he better not, cause he could be set up. When he didn't show... Amanda returned to the Police Station to sign the ticket.

958 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Stupid whore. She needs a Rodney King style beatdown.

958 days ago


So when you take off from a cop at a traffic stop they wont chase after me? WOW imma try it... Something tells me they will come after me.

958 days ago

Savvy Beotch    

What's to investigate???? She did it and should be treated like every other idiot that does that. Tired of these so-called celebrities always negotiating with the police or getting away with all sorts of things. Just like this Brooke Meuller (mispelled probably becuase I don't care enough to know how to spell that waste of sperm and egg's name) she should be in prison just like all the other people found in possesion of narcotics...maybe just cause shes white and f**ked Charlie Sheen she gets off with no consequences..WTF?????

958 days ago


How much money do you have and you won't get a blue tooth thing, you cheapskate? Put you on the list to avoid!

958 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

If you let one celebrity go... soon, more will follow and get away with it. That's LAPD for you. Any normal citizen will get the beat down of their life for fleeing the scene and a long with a resisting a police officer after they've stopped you. You do notice that right when you make the police work harder than they should they beat you down?

958 days ago


Wow shes still around. So young too have already lost her looks.

958 days ago


Thanks for the example Ms. Bynes. Let's hope when a non celebrity pulls the same crap, We're treated the same as you or LAWSUITS will follow! So sick of DOUBLE STANDARDS. Neither the courts nor the authorities are willing deal fair justice sooo..... Time for non celebs to EXPECT the same treatment. Discrimination comes in all forms.

958 days ago


hahaha 'she blew off the cop'

958 days ago


heck had she been an ordinary person they would have chased her then searched her car and so forth

958 days ago


If one of us had left before the cop was done with us, we would be in jail right now. He only let her off because she's a movie star.

958 days ago


And if this were little ol' me... I'd be arrested

958 days ago


See it's not only N_i_g_g_e_r_s
that are stupid.


958 days ago


the law is definitely not meted out fairly... especially with celebs .... even when they run over a pedestrian they get off the hook... also parking tickets in los angeles are not given out fairly either, i watched yesterday as the ticket peg gave one car a ticket for street cleaning violation but the ups truck right in front of her did not.... she lookin around at ups truck and just walked away... UMMM DOES UPS HAVE A SPECIAL PERMIT FOR PARKING THAT PEDESTRIANS DO NOT ?

958 days ago


I haven't read all the comments but I will say this. She did not have to sign the citation. She was supposed to accept the ticket but she did not have to sign it. As far as the officer failing to pursue her, why would he? He had all of her info and she could be picked up at anytime. Why risk a high speed chase? Do you know what kind of deep crap he would have been in if an accident had occured during the pursuit? Especially in the idiot lawsuit land called California? The officer used very good judgement.

958 days ago
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