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Dennis Quaid Divorce Documents

Signs of Nastiness

3/9/2012 10:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid
and his wife Kimberly Buffington-Quaid are working out a divorce settlement ... according to their rep, but contrary to the rep's statement that everything is going hunky dory, there are clear signs of conflict in the docs.

TMZ broke the story that the couple is getting divorced. As you see from the docs, filed in Austin, Texas, Dennis and Kimberly used initials to mask their identity. Dennis used W.D. -- his name is Dennis William Quaid.  Kimberly Buffington used B.K.

As for the conflicts, Kimberly asked for support in her filing, but Dennis in his response, asks that Kimberly "take nothing."

The Range Rover comment is especially telling -- "The parties shall cooperate with one another in using the Range Rover motor vehicle currently in B.K.'s possession."

Further, Kimberly does say she anticipates she and Dennis will strike a settlement, but she's not fully confident, because she adds, "If such an agreement is not made, Petitioner (Kimberly) requests to divide their estate in a manner that the court deems just and right."


No Avatar


How does Dennis Quaid keep getting these hot women to marry him???


956 days ago


I dont know him personally, but as a actor and the bits he has done on Ellen, he seems likeable.

956 days ago


cuz he's hottt.
? is y can't his rich a$$ buy another Land Rover?

956 days ago

Holly Fuller    

I am a family law attorney in Texas. The court do***ents filed are boiler plate. The fact that they reached an agreement on Temporary Orders is an indication that this divorce will not be messy.

956 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

What did the Quaid parents have a kid after every letter in the alphabet or wtf? Dennis, Randy, lol, that's all there are. It seems like there's more of them! They're cousins of Gene Autry I'll bet folks don't know.Too bad, I like him and his brother and now it seems they're both on the downside. :( Like most of America, geeee I wonder what's causing all this failure and such? hmmmmmm.. wonder what it is... November 7th, don't forget it and end this misery.

956 days ago


Rich People Problems. Heretofore known as RPP.

956 days ago


I think he's a great actor and, like everyone else, has life problems/issues like all the rest of us. Just kind of sad, because they have little kids, that almost died, btw. Wish him well.

956 days ago


You could say that Dennis is Breaking Away from Wife #3. Apparently, she didn't have The Right Stuff.

956 days ago


They're seriously fighting over who gets to use a car?? Stupid is as stupid does.

956 days ago


Sad. After all they went through with those babies, I thought this one would stick.

956 days ago


I can just see old Harv now rubbing his hands together and drooling a little bit at the prospect of this being messy. Disgusting the glee he takes in profiting from other people's misery

956 days ago

Donald Mason    

You are the best Harvey, love you and the whole T.M.Z. gang

956 days ago


Well they failed to block out their addresses...Anyone want to go stalk Dennis Quaid or his wife...they left the addresses for everyone to know! lol

956 days ago


Dennis Quaid is commonly seen around Austin and he's seemingly nice. My roommate works at Mercedes where he gets his car fixed up and she said he's super awesome to everyone there. Normally it's his assistant that comes in but every once in a while it's him. But he's also at the Copper Tank on Wednesday nights hitting on girls and that always made me sad to hear about knowing that he's a married man. Obviously we don't know what really happened but I could suspect a few things. Either way it's sad for those kids.

956 days ago

Throwback kid    

Debbis Quad ruined Any Given Sunday, I know it's Hollywood but you never believe for one second that at 5'10 and 44 years old he could have been a pro QB? just too small and old for the part. Kind of like watching Corbin Bernson and Tom Berenger try to run to first base in Major League with their pot belly's and no athletic ability, just too fake

956 days ago
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