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Paula Deen Lawsuit

Manager Praises Bubba Before

Suing for Sexual Harassment

3/9/2012 11:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman suing Paula Deen and her brother Bubba for sexual harassment sent Paula a letter 3 months before she quit, praising Bubba for supporting her as a woman, giving him full credit for her success.

Lisa Jackson -- the former General Manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia -- claims in her lawsuit Bubba was a monster, subjecting her to endless pornography, making horrible sexist jokes, kissing and spitting on her, and being extremely racist.

But Lisa says in her letter to Paula, "When I started working for Bubba, he gave me an opportunity that allowed me, over time, a freedom I have never experienced." Lisa adds, "He allowed me, for once in my life, to take care of myself, and for once, have faith in myself as a person and as a woman to know that I could do it on my own."

Lisa goes on, "I have been given opportunities that I never thought possible, all because of you and Bubba."

Lisa also describes in her letter a tortured life, where she was homeless at 15 without parents, in a rotten marriage and generally stuck.


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She doesnt have a chance in hell now.

955 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I live quite close to Savannah and in fact have beeen to Miss Paula's restaurant many times before she got national exposure. A southerner will be just as kind and gracious as can be but DO NOT cross us!

955 days ago


uh-oh she blew it. Not even covering herself in butter would make Paula trust her again. Cash train's leaving Whore.

955 days ago


------------------------------------------------------------SOMETIMES one is given an opportunity at a low point.
SOMETIMES one is taken advantage of because of a low point.
SOMETIMES The Weak are just prey for the predator.

955 days ago


oh PLEASE don't be so quick to judge. Everyone was calling Paula a bitch and 3 days later with one letter they are calling Lisa a Whore. Please, don't you think both parties are going to have emails and letters and evidence. Keep your opinions for a minute longer because some other report is going to make you feel this way or that way.

955 days ago

LR Light    

Means nothing. She was "corporate". She had to play the game and was obviously tolerating a bunch of inappropriate crapola from the southern racists, the Deens, and the dirty old man, Bubba.

955 days ago


Typewritten letters could have been planted by them after the lawsuit was filed. That is exactly what I would expect from those hillbilly Deans. They are as phoney as a three dollar bill, and more arrogant than a flamer.

955 days ago


Oh nuts. I had someone in my office type a letter in which it appeared I had written it saying some hateful things about her. She took it to HR and wanted to file a complaint. However, because of the allegations HR investigated it pretty well and found that she had written it because she was expecting me to give her a bad performance review based upon something that had happened. I am willing to bet that the folks involved in the Deen mess will have forensic experts looking very closely at this letter.

955 days ago


Karma, Ms. Deen and Bubba Hiers, you take advantage of people that you know need their jobs. The truth is going to come out. Not only from Ms. Jackson, but all of the people that know you for who you really are...Believe me, there are more and more each day who have found their voice.

955 days ago


Don't have any sympathy for Paula or Bubba. I don't see Mcdonalds,Wendys,Burger King,Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc peddling people to eat their food on one hand and on the other hand peddling pills for millions so people can continue to eat their food and making millions in both hands. Paula's not just hurting people who continue to eat her recipes and buy the pills for millions. But all of us by our medical premiums go up,co-pays,share of cost,deductibles,etc. So, we are paying for the millions Paula makes by continuing to peddle her nasty and unhealthy recipes and her pills so people can continue to eat them. That's hyprocisy at it's best.

955 days ago

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