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I'm Not Giving My Ex $50,000

to Fight Me in Court!

3/11/2012 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher says there is noooooooo way he is going to foot the bill so his ex-wife Tameka can pay for her legal battle against him ... this according to new documents filed in their ongoing custody case.

As TMZ first reported, Tameka wants Usher to write a check for $50,000 to cover her costs as the two trade legal shots in their fight for custody of their two children.

Usher finds that request absurd ... saying in court docs filed earlier this month that Tameka has consistently defied court orders and filed frivolous motions, like the one trying to force him to take a drug test.

Usher claims he's already forked over 25k for her attorneys and has shouldered the brunt of the financial associated with this case, especially when it comes to their kids.

Bottom line ... Usher feels Tameka's actions "directly harm the best interests of the minor children. Clearly, such actions should not be tolerated, much less rewarded."

A judge has yet to rule.


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He should have run when she told him she was a Scientologist.

933 days ago


Oedipus complex gone awry. He should have just married his actual mother and saved a bunch of money.

933 days ago

how lame    

Usher looks real gross here. What happened ?

933 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Usher when you went on TRL a made a fool at of yourself ranting about your thn wife making yourself look like a nut case you weren't thinking how your fans and you moma were right about this gold digging moocher! So now eat your words and pay up, it's not what you say unless a judge says you don't have to pay this moocher court fees. I agree she's a moocher, but we all saw that from the beginning of your relationship. When rumors were swirling around about your moocher ex wife sister dishing dirt about Tameka you should have listen. She had you pssy whipped blind just saying...

933 days ago

bob dobolina    

as any of his x band members would know low-key he loves tha marijuana and that cocaine...but shhhhhhh... u didnt hear that from his x band member here!

933 days ago


That picture of Usher Raymond got me hot as hell... just looking at it. He's all sweaty and that hair befits him like a diadem. I love this lil ni99a.

I don't like Tameka. Point.Blank.Period. Dat stank b1tch needs to go find a job or something instead of trying to be the diva she is not.

933 days ago


Pay up stupid! You hooked up with the skank now pay her.

933 days ago


Man, get your lawyer to offer this woman a "get out of my life" sum of money and get rid of her. Then, don't ever get married again...and if you really love your life, you won't get a woman pregnant. They don't want you, they just want your money. And if having a child that they don't want will work for them in getting your money, they'll do it. Hey, I would have thought you had know this by now.

933 days ago


I don't think some of you all read this correctly. She wants him to pay her lawyers money to take his kids from him. He would be a dummy to do that. That is like saying I don't love my kids and not going to fight for them. If she wants to take him to court and fight for full custody then she needs to get a job.

933 days ago


He should have listened to his mother.

933 days ago


Usher... just shut up, smell the coffee and resign yourself that his is a woman's world. $50,000, you're getting off easy ask Mel Gibson, that whore that was going after him had the courts blessings to rape his wallet [but then the courts were out for revenge to settle a score of those Hollywood Jews that are pissed at Mel.] But you WILL pay. That's what you get, you LAY you PAY. I know you outspent your 15 mins of fame... need to learn some more dance moves, new beats, and adjust that auto-tuner. But whats this crap about you have to shoulder the brunt of the financial, especially when it comes to their kids They're your kids, you're their father, primary wage earner. You will be shouldering the brunt of the financial for MANY years to come... way past court mandated stuff. I know the fathering thing is a mystery in the ghetto, but that's what "fathers" do.

933 days ago



933 days ago


His ex-wife is a gold-digger.

The picture used in this story, looks nothing like Usher.

933 days ago


This is why you don't marry a woman whose reached her expiration date. If you want to marry your mom, marry your mom. Ask Aston Kutcher. Did he leave Demi Moore to go smash a 65 year old?? All you do is get the contacts and get the $$$ and the get out of there. Every 13 minutes someone hotter turns 18.

933 days ago


Usher can just hope that she does not get a drug test ordered for him... if he uses!

The idea that he should pay to have his children taken from him is RIDICULOUS!!!

933 days ago
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