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Donald Trump Jr.

Yes, I Killed Those Animals

... and I'm PROUD of It!

3/12/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump Jr. says he bears NO SHAME for slaughtering a bunch of exotic animals in Africa last year ... claiming all of his kills were used to feed local villagers.

TMZ broke the story ... DTJ is coming under fire for a series of pics which show him posing with his brother in front of several dead animals after a hunt last year -- even showing off a severed elephant tail.

Now, Trump Jr. is DEFENDING the hunt on Twitter ... writing, " I have no shame about [the pics]. I HUNT & EAT game ... I'm a hunter, for that I make no apologies."

He explained, "I can assure you it was not wasteful ... the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don't often get to eat. Very grateful."

"These are not endangered animals as an fyi."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric -- went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago this month, and killed an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.


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only a sick, twisted evil MF kills an elephant for pleasure, which is the only reason they did it.

895 days ago

nana bana    

hail the trumps! hunters! oh yes, beautiful hunters who are doing the world a service by keeping animal population in check. trump even explained how their activities actually save animals and habitats and help local people. yup. killing elephants, leopards, crocs, wild buffalos to feed the starving locals. and it takes guts. to shoot these dangerous animals fenced inside a farm. yes, they are great hunters. and beautiful and strong too. i mean wouldnt you rather have the faces of the trumps on your desktop than a cheetah roaming, or an elephant mothering its infant? Nail the trumps!

895 days ago



893 days ago


Animals hunt other animals to survive. Don 's intellect surprisingly primitive. He just went to a rich mans playground and gunned down animals who have the right to live there lives. As quoted by Bill Maher ....when you take the tail of an elephant you r left with an *******. His justification for his action (feeding the village) is a poor attempt excuse for this horrendous act.

893 days ago


Hitler was proud of his actions too, Donnie boy. But its ok. What goes around comes around, sooner or later.

890 days ago


Hitler was proud of his actions too, Donnie boy. But its ok. What goes around comes around, sooner or later.

890 days ago


What a vile...disgusting...piece of garbage these guys are -And the crappy part is that i have to stop watching C.A. now, and I love that show. No way can I support this. Hope these morons rot in hell.

889 days ago


How sad when the human species, who is supposed to be more intelligent, finds killing a joy. Sounds like he is a sick F--- to me!

886 days ago

Terri Greer    

Trump Jr. was backed up by a bunch of white hunters. He is not a brave hunter, he is a spoiled brat whose should be respecting animals that are limited in number. Killing an elephant is not heroic, these animals are highly social and very intelligent. Probably more intelligent than a guy who lives off his daddy's money. The leopard was also a bad call on his part, he obviously isn't very well informed or educated and too bad someone like him has access to money that could well be used elsewhere. He should of thought of better ways to feed the villagers than with animals who are limited in numbers due to irresponsible humans like Trump Jr. Of course he would have no regrets, he's too self absorbed. I will boycott anything Trump from now on.

885 days ago


Was it a selective culling,in order to maintain a balance of animals for their long term health benefits or mindless killing?
Does the money gained from these hunters go back into the local community via employment,education and other projects or simply line some fat cats pockets?
If you read this Trump family I would be really interested to see if you can justify your actions.

859 days ago

Janette Rehua    

Yeh the local villagers needed a couple of spoiled pompous american brats to come to their country and kill some beautiful wild animals so they could eat cos they are incapable of fending for themselves gee what big f*cking heros you are Trumps ....BUTCHERS

775 days ago

burl jones    

Donald and Eric: I an so sorry you have to defend yourself againest such ignorance. I am happy you help feed the natives. There is a book " A Quiet Place of Violence" Author Allen morris Jones A must for all who have an interest in hunting for or against.

770 days ago


Call me a 'bleeding heart' if you like but what a REPULSIVE activity for people who can afford better. The "villagers were ever so grateful for the meat"? Flaming hypocrite! You are beneath contempt! - However: a life for a life is a Rule of Nature too. I hope it gets back to you somehow.

589 days ago
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