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Donald Trump's Sons

Ignite War

Over Animal Butchery

3/12/2012 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump's two sons went on a big game hunt in Africa, and the carnage they wrought has triggered outrage by wildlife enthusiasts. 

Donald's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric -- went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago this month, and proudly showed off their trophy kills -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and water buck. 

In one shot, Donald Jr. is holding a dead elephant's tail in one hand and a knife which appears to have cut off the tail in another.

A wildlife enthusiast's website has just created a YouTube video of the slaughter expressing outrage.

As for Donald Trump, he tells TMZ, "My sons love hunting. They're hunters and they've become good at it.  I am not a believer in hunting and I'm surprised they like it."

Trump added, "I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community."


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christian soderstrom    

It takes no talent to just sit in a blind and shoot some beautiful animal in its natural habitat and part of the natural cycle. Boys who think this makes them more 'macho' should enlist in the US Army and go to Afghanistan where the odds on getting a 'trophy' Afghan are more balanced.

920 days ago

Rich InLove    

these trump boys are pathetic. They don't do anything in their lives to make them feel like a man, so they have to kill an elephant to feel like one. Do some hard work and you will feel like a man. Use your hands to produce food for your family and you will be a man. If most of these animals meat were used to feed people, then it is not as bad, but i doubt that is the case. Unfortunately for these boys, killing an elephant is taboo. Elephants are such significant creatures in the spiritual realm.

920 days ago

steven malcolm    

Isn't shooting an elephant about as difficult as shooting the broadside of a barn? Shows they enjoy being cruel. I feel sickened like when i read about the mind of a serial killer. Where is their conscience?

920 days ago

cheryl adcock    

hunting for food only i can see, but hunting to see just how many trophys you can get or who can get the biggest trophy is sicking, and 99% of the time it is the bored i got lots of money so i can do just what i want to no matter what and get away with it.and most of the time its the brats of the wealthy, because the parents or to busy makeing the money and feeling guilty for not spending enough time with their little brats so they give them what ever they want, i believe they call it enableing, shame, shame, on people like you and yours mr. donald trump, its a shame all the defenceive critters that are left can not defend themselves, it's just real hard to out run a bullet, and then to take a knife and and cut a body part off is just sick. why don't you people spend some of your money and time makeing this country a better place with better people, so your spoiled son and his spoiled buddies can get big guns and kill animals that dont have a chance, WOW,,,, and i bet they make fun of the southern good ole guys and their shotguns, they are both two of a kind.i think the dog catchers are after the wrong animals

920 days ago


Trump is as big an idiot as his pukey self absorbed sons. Screw them all. It's time for advertisers to stand up and start pulling ads from the apprentice. Screw these jerks

920 days ago


Imagine these Donald Trump juniors curled up in balls crying if someone was hunting them for sport. What a bunch of losers. And to top it off, they say that they gave the meat to villagers as if that was the reason they were hunting. I hope next time they hunt they get their feet crushed by an angry elephant and then bitten by that beautiful exotic cat type they hunted. They will have lots of bad karma for these public actions and their subsequent lackluster defense and idiotic comments.

920 days ago


Did they harvest the meat? I have nothing against hunting. Waste on the other hand is not right.

920 days ago


this is abuse. how could u hunt something that is hiding or running away from you?

920 days ago


As a citizen of the African continent I love all the wildlife we have they are precious to us, did they have to slaughter them to make themselves look macho...sies...and to think somebody makes money out of allowing these slaughters...sigh...that's how the "RICH & FAMOUS" spend their bux...couldn't they rather donate it it towards preserving these animals, there are not many of them left

920 days ago


Them Trump Brothers don't know how to hunt that's why they hired them guides to go with them......freaks

920 days ago

yes at one time we had to hunt for our food to survive but since when is it ok to kill for enjoyment. People like the Trump boys make me sick have so much money why don't take that money that they spend on a Safari trip and feed the hungry people in Africa. Shame on them

920 days ago

val laurent    

UUUGGGHHh this smell this the nose? and me no eat just kill for kill,...ughhh me no use skin or flesh or help in any way ugh....

920 days ago


wtf didn't they kill

920 days ago


disgusting people!!

920 days ago


that is a disturbing picture of donald trump's son holding an elephants tail i could understand a person from zimbabwe who was not educated and thinks this is acceptable but for two educated men from the usa im disgusted i cant understand what pleasure u could get from that and when u think of the effort going on to protect these animals i would be ashamed if it was my two sons out killing animals as a sport .

920 days ago
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