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Donald Trump's Sons

Ignite War

Over Animal Butchery

3/12/2012 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump's two sons went on a big game hunt in Africa, and the carnage they wrought has triggered outrage by wildlife enthusiasts. 

Donald's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric -- went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago this month, and proudly showed off their trophy kills -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and water buck. 

In one shot, Donald Jr. is holding a dead elephant's tail in one hand and a knife which appears to have cut off the tail in another.

A wildlife enthusiast's website has just created a YouTube video of the slaughter expressing outrage.

As for Donald Trump, he tells TMZ, "My sons love hunting. They're hunters and they've become good at it.  I am not a believer in hunting and I'm surprised they like it."

Trump added, "I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community."


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Peter Steinfeld    

It's the only way this gi-normous tool will ever get some tail.

950 days ago

Catherine Major    

I remember the ispirational words of two famous animal advocates. Mohandas K.Gandhi wrote:"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Albert schweitzer wrote:"Until he exstends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.".......Too bad that money was not donated to the Animal Groups and underpriveled people for food, instead of killing a living breathing creature for some sick self indulgent pleasure.

950 days ago


what a cowered! try taking that knife into a jungle and hunt down a lion or tiger by yourself you fool! Hunter?? what a joke, the whole Trump family should be ashamed, its ok, worser things are to come in his after life for sure!

949 days ago


Say hello to America’s own sick version of brothers Uday and Qusay Hussein.

I guess when you’ve had access to every other decadence available only to the super rich for your whole life and you are not actually in need of anything, but love from your wig-headed orange-skinned daddy, the only thing left is to kill for the sick thrill you get from it.

These sick spoiled little jock-tards should be thrown into a cage of hungry lions without their little pop-guns, boy scout knives, or daddy’s check book to help them get out trouble, then we’ll see how much they enjoy and approve of sport hunting after seeing it from the other side’s point of view. Oh yeah, they won’t be around to talk about it anymore… oh well… no loss… call it “sport” I guess. I am a ProudCitizenOfAmerica!!!

949 days ago


Don't have a big issue with legal hunting, but I can't stomach pictures of beaming "men" posing by slaughtered animals. Just can't understand why anyone would want a picture like that.
Nauseating is right.

949 days ago

kyle E    

What a couple of s***bags. May some poachers eliminate them so the seed can be squashed.

949 days ago


There's nothing cruel about hunting. We humans have been hunting for thousands of years... as if this is news to anyone! Those of us who hunt don't really care if you like it or not. No apologies needed here!

949 days ago



948 days ago


The same he removed that tail of the elephant I hope someone remove his penis and balls.

948 days ago


I wonder if they are going to eat the stuff the killed?

948 days ago


These guys need to be terrorised with a rifle, so then they will know the terror they invoked in the animals they hunted for trophies. (BTW that is NOT a suggestion they ought to be butchered – I'm talking about letting them believe they're being hunted, and being shot at, etc. Nothing to do with inflicting physical harm on them.)

Sorry, I normally have a more neutral view about many things, but when it comes to animals and children, the gloves come off.

948 days ago


completely disgusting-what a horrid example of humanity..

948 days ago

An excellent do***entary by Jacek Kropinski about how elephants have suffered at the hands of man.

948 days ago


I've been to Africa, just a few months ago, and believe me it is the easiest thing to do to shoot an elephant. They are big, and they spend much time in the open as savannah elephants. It takes no skill whatsoever to point a rifle and kill one. I have thousands of pictures from my safaris and elephants would mosey right up to the vehicle and walk on by. Elephants live complex lives with intricate social structures where they rely on each other to survive and grow their families. Elephants lives are congruent with humans in that a 12 year old elephant is just a like a 12 year old human in their emotional and pubescent development. Bulls leave the herds when they start sexual maturity and need other older bulls to teach them how to be on their own. A 60 year old matriarch is like a 60 year old woman with years of experience and maturity that is needed to guide her family through droughts, predation, and human/wildlife conflicts such as poaching and a growing population that is encroaching on ancient migration routes. The Trumps are spoiled little brats who think they look like 'cool' holding up the tail of an adult elephant as some kind of sick 'prize'. They gave the meat to local villagers as a way of looking philanthropic but if they wanted to feed a village they have millions of dollars that they could use to donate food. They think that makes it ok to murder an elephant with no regard as to how that affects a whole family of elephants. Clueless, mindless, heartless, this isn't hunting, it's murder. With the thousands of elephants killed each year because of poaching, how is this different? We need elephants but we don't need the Trumps. I will have nothing more to do with them! I used to watch The Apprentice, never again!

947 days ago


Does't Donald Trump not get it? How did he manage to raise two sadistic sociopaths for sons. Now he is officially the father of the most hated kids in the world. He raised these kids did he forget to put compassion for other creatures into the equation? Hunter or not, this massive slaughter cannot be justified.

947 days ago
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