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Russell Brand

Named in Police Report

As Alleged Cell Phone Snatcher

3/13/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312-russell_brand_iphone_inf_EXRussell Brand has been named in a police report in New Orleans ... by a paparazzo who claims the actor snatched his cell phone out of his hand and fired it through the window of a nearby building ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... a photog named Timothy Jackson filed the report, citing "criminal damages" over an incident that went down Monday night.

Jackson told cops he was with a group of photogs ... when he began to shoot Brand with his iPhone from his car. Jackson claims Brand flipped out, wrestled the phone out of his hand ... and then Nolan Ryan'd it at a nearby building, shattering a glass window.

The pap immediately filed a police report. No word if he got his phone back.

Calls to Brand's rep have not been returned.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... cops are investigating the incident and would like to speak with Brand ASAP.



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Hmm, unless the photog got right up in Brand's face and blocked his path or something, he had absolutely no right to do was a punk move. I wonder what the protocol is when a celeb gets physical? Can the photog also get physical, or is he supposed to just grin and bear it and then file a police report.

953 days ago


Is this ugly, no talent, d*uchebag day on TMZ? Sick of hearing about this dork.

953 days ago


I'm sick of paparazzi hovering around stars like it's their god-given RIGHT to invade people's privacy. If someone did that to me, I'd throw their phone through a window, too! The police should be investigating the paparazzi, not Russell. What would you do if some douche shoved a phone in your face every five seconds of every day?

953 days ago


Since when do photogs shot pics with an Iphone ??? I would believe it when TMZ wrote it was a fan who run into a group of photogs and saw who they are after . But a professional use an Iphone to sell pics ?Something is fishy about that

953 days ago


I don't think it's very polite for them papparazzo idiots to stalk people and take pictures of them in private moments. I don't even know who this guy is,but I would be agitated if someone I don't even know starts taking pictures of me,kids(for safety reasons from nutjobs),and family. Would these idiots like it if some stranger started invading while you are trying to have dinner with your parents or something important? Nah,I can't say ANYONE would go for that. Reading into how some handle it, they seem to go after the ones who don't like it just to get a reaction....not cool...I'm on this guys side...and I don't have a temper problem. That action was right in his own defense...Some guy and other ignorant papparazzo TRASH standing in front of you,facing you,not letting you get on with your business and crowding around your care,for what.... taking pictures..Get an appointment and a real job!!!

953 days ago


If you don't want paparazzi taking pictures of you, don't spend your life becoming/staying famous. Famous people get their pictures taken every time they leave the house. Why do these celebs act like this is a new and horrifying thing? There's a reason you *******s make MILLIONS more than the rest of us. You all knew what you were getting into when you signed up to do that movie or make that album. These stupid idiots hang out/live in paparazzi hotspots like LA, NY, etc. and then try to demand privacy when in a public places. Pfft.

953 days ago


He should get the Douche Of The Decade award. He sux so bad.

953 days ago


I don't like Russell Brand much, but I have some sympathy in this case. These stalker photographers seem to have all the rights and the celebs none.

953 days ago


Leave Rusty Rockets alone! This is my baby and he can throw anything he wants! Right pumpkin?

953 days ago


So its like the same thing chris brown did? But people think russel brand had a ” right” because someone was taking a picture of him he didn't want to have taken oooo kind of like chris brown. Double standards today I swear.

953 days ago


Guys stop blaing the photogs , they are there because we want to see new pictures . What I want to know is why some photosnare released and others not they always say they need premition and normally you are not allowed to take pics of their kids because they also have rights . I know 2 moderators who have kids but never showed them you also never see pictures of cousins or uncles and aunts . I mean there are rare pics with celebs and their friends only when they are kind of famous too you see them .
It seems like there are rules we don't fully get , sometimes the celebs call the phogs and want pic and sometimes they find the celebs by accident but its weird that its pretty rare that an A list celeb gets pics takes beside from the red carpet

953 days ago


Who's this tool?

953 days ago

carol lynn    

Cool smash - looks like a crow or something. Good for Russell. Those that hound celebs are just sick. Russell is almost always cool and amiable, so this nitwit must have trespassed somewhere. i'm not buying that Brand just went ballistic. And considering how annoying these guys are, what a **** - running to the police because he stalked someone and they bit back. Paparazzi are creeps - how can anyone
not know that?

953 days ago


It may have been a bit of an over-reaction, but these paps are too much sometimes! They act like they think they have a right to invade your privacy and take your picture anythime, and anywhere they like! There's a lesson to be learned here, shutter-bugs: Have the decency to ask somebody before you start clicking away. It's only common courtesy, and besides, you'll save a fortune in cameras and cell iPhones! ;)

953 days ago


Good for you Russell! I don't know why people think they have a right to stalk, follow, talk to, take pictures of etc of people in the entertainment.

953 days ago
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