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Russell Brand

Named in Police Report

As Alleged Cell Phone Snatcher

3/13/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312-russell_brand_iphone_inf_EXRussell Brand has been named in a police report in New Orleans ... by a paparazzo who claims the actor snatched his cell phone out of his hand and fired it through the window of a nearby building ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... a photog named Timothy Jackson filed the report, citing "criminal damages" over an incident that went down Monday night.

Jackson told cops he was with a group of photogs ... when he began to shoot Brand with his iPhone from his car. Jackson claims Brand flipped out, wrestled the phone out of his hand ... and then Nolan Ryan'd it at a nearby building, shattering a glass window.

The pap immediately filed a police report. No word if he got his phone back.

Calls to Brand's rep have not been returned.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... cops are investigating the incident and would like to speak with Brand ASAP.



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You mean the police are looking for Brand after that ugly vicious paparazzo was stealing images of Brand for profit without Brand's specific approval and request?
What is wrong with the police on the "left coast"?

954 days ago


i hope this douche-bag gets some jail time and gets raped while in their! lets see how far he can throw something after his glory hole gets reamed out.

954 days ago


As a resident of New Orleans I ask you to look closely at glass pane that was broken. The top edge is curved and from personal experience I know what a bitch it is to have these pieces cut for replacement. The property owner should also file charges for the vandalism.
Then there was his luncheon in the Rib Room on Friday. He was sitting in a booth like area and when he had to go to the restroom, instead of waiting for his party to move out of his way, he just climed out of the booth over the furniture. Pretty sad behavior when you are dining in a fine restaurant--or any restaurant for that matter. I guess he wasn't getting enough attention, New Orleanians are pretty jaded when it comes to celebs in the area. They get left alone & that's why those like Brad and Angelina like to spend time here...

954 days ago


He is as scroungy as a mangey dog.

954 days ago



954 days ago


well, well, well the antics of fading fame and glory.

954 days ago

Brent Black    

That phone looks in, they were speaking to someone...not taking a video...

954 days ago


Mr Brand is damned right to "seize" the papparazzo's cell phone. What the papparazzo did is violate Mr Brand's personal space. He's lucky he only got away with his camera phone being snatched away.

954 days ago


Where's Chris Brown on all of this?

954 days ago


What's up with him, and Brown doing that with peoples cell phones lately. Both of them leave alot to be desired.

954 days ago


a photog who uses a cell phone to shoot pics? mmmm nah.

954 days ago


I don't blame him for being upset. Why do we need pictures of celebrities driving, getting coffee, or walking across the street? BORING. I know there is a market for it but I don't see how. Who gets paid to take pics of some b, c, d, or z list celebrity getting their car washed or grocery shopping? Who are the audience that cares? I check out TMZ sometimes because although they cover some crap stories like all the z list kardashians nonsense they also cover legitimate stories and often break stories nobody else gets first. But the stories on say Russell brand grabbing coffee is a non story and the paps need to start picking and choosing their shots better. It's over saturating. If EVERYTHING is newsworthy then essentially NOTHING is newsworthy because it's all given the same coverage. From Whitney Houston's death to Brand wiping his ass. =P
All that being said he destroyed someone else's private property. Not talking about the pap either. He chucked the phone through someone's window. He should have to pay for a new phone and for the repair of the window. He should also have to write an apology letter to the owner of the building the window is in. He wouldn't like it if someone broke his window no matter what the reason. No matter what happens you can't go around destroying public or private property that doesn't belong to you. You aren't 10 years old anymore Russell. These are standards you should have an adult. It separates you from being a big immature child and an adult. Be a man not a child. I understand it sucks having someone stuck up your ass all day long but should the owner of that building have to pay to have their window fixed because you were having a bad day? What did they have to do with it?

954 days ago


I guess no one remembers that this was the kind of behaviour he had when dealing with the paparazzi before Katy Perry. She's out of the picture now so he's back to his old ways. Plain and simple.

954 days ago


Russell Brand's new girlfriend is fairly good looking but she's certainly not as hot as Katy Perry is. At least Russell likes 1965 Mustang Fastbacks. That's cool.

I think Katy is one of the best looking women musicians of all time and there have been a bunch of them.

I think one of the main reasons that Katy and Russell divorced is because Russell is one of those guys who can't stand to not have a girl around nearly every night and Katy Perry was out on tour during most of 2011. Before they got married, you'd think that Russell would realize that Katy is a global music superstar and she would be a very busy girl a lot of the time.

Looks like Russell might have an ideal girl for himself now ... a girl that has the spare time to travel with him everywhere when he's doing a movie like he is in New Orleans now.

954 days ago


Look at the pics. That's not an iPhone. I'm betting, this Jackson douchebag was driving while talking on his non-iPhone cell with no hands-free, not paying attention, and probably almost ran over a Jaywalking Russell Brand. I know I've almost been run over by idiots not paying attention while driving and texting, or talking. I say Good for Russell. I LOVE his attitude!

954 days ago
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