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'Lost' Star Terry O'Quinn

The Ending Was FINE!

3/13/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


ATTENTION ALL DISAPPOINTED "LOST" FANS -- The guy who played Locke on the show says the ending was "OK" with him ... so ... maybe it's time to finally let it go?

TMZ spoke with Terry O'Quinn in NYC yesterday -- coolest guy ever BTW -- who tells us he was totally cool with the whole "We're all kinda dead" ... despite the fact producers left a couple of things hanging ...

... like the what's up with the numbers? Why was there a 4-toed statue? How did the Polar Bear get on the island? Whatever happened with Walt ... and why was he special? Why did Kate see a horse on the island? Who built that crazy magical wheel?

We could go on for hours ... seriously ... but this video does a pretty good job of summing up all of our issues with the show.

Anyway, Terry tells us he doesn't really get a lot of flack for the way the show ended these days ... telling us, "We sorta finished it and walked away."



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Um, did you actually watch the show? All those things WERE answered.

931 days ago


My only question, is why did they put Claire on the plane after the psychic implied the baby was evil? Then, nothing. Nothing ever again about it.

931 days ago

The ending was solid, everyone is going to second guess on how to end such a great show!

931 days ago


I 'm sorry but that had to be one of the lamest endings for any show I have ever seen...Made Bobby Ewing show ending look good....Didn't answer the writers simply wrote their whay in to many corners and could find their way out....I stop watching after season 2 or in the middle of season 2 when they started comely changing the whole story line....but I glad to see two of the actors doing well in others series...Hugo on Alcatraz and the Korean guy on Hawaii Five-0...what happened to the others ?

931 days ago


they answered the donkey wheel, polar bear, walt, and the numbers. cmon, ending kicked ass!

931 days ago


I love Terry O'Quinn! Didn't really care for Lost, but I know many who LOVED the show and were fine with the ending. I loved him in Tombstone. One of the best movies ever!! As for Lost, it's a TV show, it's over, move on. With all that's wrong with the entertainment industry, this is what people worry about? Geez.

931 days ago


i have never watched that show

931 days ago


Here are the answers dumbass. The Dharma Initiative brought the polar bears to the island for experiments, the numbers corresponded with each of the final candidates to replace Jacob as protector of the Island. The numbers also formed the coefficients in an equation that predicted mankind's extinction, the horse was a form the man in black took according to Carlton Cuse, and the man in black built the wheel.

931 days ago


Yeah... all those questions were answered.

931 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

the laces were in!

931 days ago


Does any one else feel bad about these videos? Some dbag with a camera just basically walked up and started assaulting O'Quinn with questions... he clearly wasn't interested in talking.

931 days ago


I have no issue with the ending to Lost. Rather than us be given answers to every single thing (in regards to things that actually weren't answered as opposed to the things mentioned here) we were given the opportunity to come up with our own based on given information. One can call that lazy writing but if we were flat out given explanations for certain things we would have no choice but to accept them, like it or not. We can't be wrong with this way and to me thats a good thing..

ketjo:, Michael Emerson is on Person of Interest which is a hit, Nestor Carbonell is on I believe The Ringer. Josh Holloway was in the last mission impossible, Evangeline Lilly just had a baby and was in Real Steel, Terry Oquinn was in several episodes of Five-O and is filming a pilot. Henry Ian Cusick has a series coming out as well. Dominic Monaghan was on Flash Forward. Elizabeth Mitchell was on V, and the list goes on. Meanwhile, much to my dismay, Alcatraz is now doing horribly and will soon be cancelled so Jorge Garcia will be looking for other work.

931 days ago


Dan, Thank You. TMZ, you guys should have someone who actually watched the show write the story.

Terry O'Quinn was clearly not interested. He probably wants to forget about Lost but he was frikin' awesome... so he should be used to having crazies run up to him by now.

931 days ago


"producers left a couple of things hanging"
A COUPLE of things? How about DOZENS of things!
There are SO many mysteries they left unanswered - expecting the revelation that it was the afterlife to explain it all.
Also, the producers said in an interview during season 1 that the island inhabitants were NOT dead/that it wasn't some type of afterlife/dream sequence. THEY LIED!

931 days ago


They weren't dead the whole time. Those that left, died long after leaving. The ones that stayed died lived a long time on the island before dying as well (Ben and Hurley). THAT was made pretty clear. Ending was still terrible in my opinion.

931 days ago
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