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Jeremy Renner

My Puppy Tragically Died

3/14/2012 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Renners 8-month-old puppy Franklin dropped dead on a baseball field.Jeremy Renner suffered a devastating loss last weekend, after his 8-month-old puppy Franklin dropped dead on a baseball field.

Jeremy's friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters was dogsitting the French bulldog last Saturday in Orange County -- and decided to take it to his nephew's little league baseball game.

We're told the dog was running around the field having fun on a very hot day -- near 80 degrees.  Then, at around 2 PM, the pup began to vomit and convulse. Kris -- who had left to get a snack -- returned to find Jeremy's dog dead in a woman's arms.

We're told 3 people tried to give the dog mouth-to-mouth to revive the pooch -- to no avail.

French bulldogs notoriously suffer from heart problems, which could be exacerbated by heat.

We're told Jeremy and Franklin were EXTREMELY close and he's grief-stricken.  


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I work as a vet tech and try to warn every new french or english bulldog owner that in california they can not stand the heat and are inside dogs only. The breeds have a mutation called brachchpallic where their nostrils are too tiny putting wear on their trachea and their soft palate extends to their back of their throat, Tragic for all involved but you have to research a dog breed before you just decide to get one. These dogs are notorious for these deaths! :(

922 days ago


Every dog with one of those smooshed up little faces has difficulty regulating their body temperature and breathing. Their tongue does not have enough surface area to effective cool their bodies, and their throats and noses are too tight and malformed to draw enough air.

AKC-certified means messed up.

922 days ago

Vicki Caruso    

French bulldogs are NOT prone to heart problems, but they are prone to heatstroke. That dog should not have been allowed to run around in 80 degree heat. Heatstroke is what did the poor puppy in.

922 days ago


its just a dog go buy another one!

922 days ago


grieve stricken are u kidding me? more than 2000 kids die in africa frm communal/religious wars n malaria and you here talking bout a dog is dead n u devastated?

922 days ago


Jeremy needs a hug.. not much of a dog person, but poor little doggy :/ it was only living life to the fullest.

922 days ago


So Sorry to hear that Jeremy seems like a very nice and sensitive person and most be very sad.

922 days ago


If this Lug Head and his Bimbo hooker did their homework they would have known that this breed is not good in warm temps. They tend to overheat very easily and should be kept indoors on warm to hot days. While i feel for their loss i have zero respect for them and hold them BOTH personally responsible. You can easily tell buy the posted picture above that this Moron is a poser and got the dog for show off purposes only. People like him need a good hard kick in the a-s-s or a hard knee to the groin. So stupid.

922 days ago


totally irresponsible! and infuriating!!!!

it's not hard to look up dog breed info, Frenchies cannot regulate their body heat so they are prone to sunstrokes, walk them early in the morn or late in the day , they cannot handle full sun/ no water/ etc....
Jerk could have avoided this by spending three minutes printing info off the internet for his dogsitter,


922 days ago


please let the world know about these types of breeds, they can't take the heat!

if you just mention it on your show you will save dozens of dogs! (many of these breeds die in cars, every summer!)

922 days ago

King Beef    

Anybody that thinks 80 degrees is very hot wouldn't last a day here in Texas during the summer. It was over 100 degrees 90 something days last year.

922 days ago


This infuriates me. I have a french bulldog and if I need take her anywhere on a day over 70 degrees, I ALWAYS make sure I have a way to keep her cool. Water to pour over her, a cooling blanket, etc. If you're going to take responsibility for a dog, you should be responsible enough to learn all you can about the breed. If I leave my frenchie with someone there are two things I absolutely tell them: do NOT leave her outside in temps over 70 and do NOT let her near water as they can easily drown since they are very poor swimmers. Dog owners, please educate yourselves.

922 days ago


So unfortunate! I have a French bulldog, they do not handle the heat well. It is very sad that they did not know better than to take the dog and let him run on a hot day. How sad...

922 days ago


Too bad. Let's admit it though, a dog running in the heat, maybe teased by kids, who knows? Next dog, keep it out of the hot sun and keep water available.

922 days ago

melissa minkoff    

Im sorry about your baby, I feel for you. Now I have 2 dogs Saidie (a Brittany) of which I inherited from my father who died and my most recent dog Keylee (a Pomeranian) anyway Keylee just had puppies yesterday. The puppy daddy was a mini pincher both are/were very sweet loving dogs. The late puppy daddies owner gets first choice but your more than welcome to have one of the others. I know you probably dont want to think about it right now just let me know.. You can find me on facebook... Love doglover!

922 days ago
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