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Lindsay Lohan

Strikes Person While Driving

Flees Scene

3/14/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:15 AM:
Lindsay took to her Twitter this morning to combat the allegations -- calling the hit-and-run accusation "a complete lie."

6:06 AM: The plot thickens ... Sources tell us, the manager who Lindsay struck has gone to the emergency room and we're told he is going to press charges and hire an attorney. Cops told us they will open a hit-and-run investigation if the manager files a report. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the 26-year-old manager was standing by his car when Lindsay was attempting a 3-point turn and she grazed his knee and his car. We're told the manager didn't know who Lindsay was at first and he told the paparazzi on scene and police that he didn't need medical attention. Cops say he was told the driver was Lindsay but he said he wasn't from this country and didn't know who she was. We're told a short time later he began complaining he was injured.

TMZ spoke to an eyewitness who also says the manager was fine and actually "got up and started smoking his hookah."

3:15 AM:  Cops tell TMZ ... they have investigated and determined no one was injured so as far as they are concerned it's case closed. They added it could be reopened if the person struck contacts them later and claims injury.

Lindsay Lohan
struck someone while driving away from a club, and then fled the scene ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay was in her new Porsche when she left the Sayers Club in Hollywood at just after midnight Wednesday. 

We're told she was driving out of the parking lot when she was blocked by paparazzi and bystanders around the nearby Hookah Lounge. 

Lindsay made contact with the manager of the Hookah Lounge with her car and then peeled out.

Cops were called, came to the scene, interviewed people inside the Hookah Lounge -- including the manager who was lightly struck -- and then left.

We're told Lindsay may have been the one who called police to protect herself from paparazzi, and that's why cops came.

Sources at the scene say the manager may not have suffered any injury. If that's the case, Lindsay probably did not violate any law, but if he was injured that could constitute the crime of hit-and-run.  What's more, it could be grounds to violate her probation in the shoplifting case.


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So this guy tells the cops he was fine, no injury, he tells the paps he was fine, he finds out its Lindsay Lohan and goes to the emergency room? LOL payout anyone?

868 days ago


Typical POS BlowHan behavior.

868 days ago


If this guy was pushing a babystroller...then she would have reall nailed him..she is still pissed she miss the stroller last time

868 days ago


It sounds like someone is just looking for a pay day.

868 days ago


I'm thinkting this little spin for media attention may just backfire in Lohan Incs faces.............Please...Please....Please....blow up in their faces...Nobody deserves it more the these Media grifter con artists who use the media as their one and only press agents.....!!!
" How many stories can TMZ spin out of this one ?" only the Genie knows !!!!!!....LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLo

868 days ago


How the f**K can she afford a new Porsche??????

868 days ago


STAY HOME UNTIL AFTER MARCH YOU IDIOT. hmmm funny, didn't she say that she's a homebody and doesn't do the club scene anymore. There is no hope for this loser.

868 days ago


Yeah, he suddenly became injured when he understood who was in the car.

Paparazzi should leave the girl alone. But they, and this site, feed off anything bad that happens to her. I wish she would understand that she is not in a safe place in California after all the years of trouble with law enforcement, and never drive herself.

LL has lost YEARS on things that have sometimes been really petty. She is only 25. How much more can she take? Seems the paparazzi and the tabloids want her to go down, just to make more bucks. I really hope the "injured" guy sees sense and reconsiders charging her. Charge the damn photographers! They are, as an actor put it when they tried to make him angry to get a picture, "s*** of the earth". He was with his wife and little kid. He kept his cool, but he was not in a car eight then, stopped when trying to get away from the vultures. Charge the paparazzi for creating dangerous situations!

868 days ago


She really has no business driving. She's a danger to everybody within walking or driving distance.

868 days ago


I believe @sarahmonline over tmz
Almost 14 days :)

868 days ago


I hate liars and on this note FREE REMY

868 days ago


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868 days ago


to me it sounds like she may not have known that it happened. Also, the paparazzi are responsible for mobbing her and creating a situation where she is feeling mobbed and must flee or be crushed to death. Remember Madoff walking down the street and the press assaulting him and him having to push them away ? I can't really feel sympathy for madoff because the great devastation he caused his victims. I do have sympathy for Ms. lohan because she was exploited as a child by her parents and has not had any one to actually care about her as a human being. The substance abuse problems are more than likely an escape for her because so many people are scutinizing everything she does. Most people think she is a spoiled brat because her money has allowed her to escape the wrath that children who live in poverty must face by going to jail. I really wish she could get together with Robert Downey Jr so that she could get guidance from him on how to turn her life around. We all weep for Whitney Houston but lindsay is a young person with no real way to figure out how to deal with the issues she faces. I know it may sound bad, but I think that a jail sentence might actually help her wake up. It beats dying from substance abuse, or worse, wasting away and becoming a has been before realizing her full potential.

868 days ago


Am i missing somethung? Where In this article does it say that the person is pressing charges ?

Did some of these people actually read the article before they post on here ?

868 days ago


She needs to hire a driver. She's a safety hazard to everybody on the street.

868 days ago
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