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Rapper Fabolous

MASSIVE $28,000 Rainstorm

At Atlanta Strip Club

3/16/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fabolous making it rain!!!​These pictures are insane -- rapper Fabolous lived up to the phrase "make it rain" better than ANY rapper in recent memory this week ... unleashing a $28,000 downpour at an Atlanta strip club ... and we got the pics.

The moneystorm took place Wednesday night at a new strip joint called Diamonds -- where local radio personality Kenny Burns was throwing a party -- and shocker ... Fab brought along a truckload of cash.

Also making it precipitate -- comedian Kevin Hart, who we're told dropped $7,000 on butt-in-the-face action.

The cash tornado got so out of control -- a layer of money even settled on the club chandelier.

We're not worthy.


No Avatar


its see there homeless starvation poor need cancer aid reaserch fix up all these foreclosed homes thats sitting vacate for years on end and thats the only thing he could think of wow really wow

959 days ago


Who?....or....MORON...take your choice...

958 days ago


Just another one showing his ignorance. This is "TRASHY" @ Best!
Ladies where are your morals and values in your life? FABULOUS go home and teach your little son some VALUES! GEESH!

958 days ago


Kind of shows you what it's worth. "Gold" is harder to give to fools.

958 days ago


Why doesn't he just give them the $?? Isn't the reason any woman becomes a stripper is to pay their way throguh college?!?!? LOL

958 days ago


Let him waste his money like that. I'll laugh that much harder when he goes broke. And the way he spells his name is certifiably retarded.

958 days ago


Rappers TRYING to act like big shots! What a surprise! . . . As if money makes the character of the man. Then look how much press this is giving him because TMZ is running the story. 'Just happened' to be someone there to take photos! Too bad these guys don't give a sh-t about being an example for young urban kids by showing them money doesn't make a man, but character does.

958 days ago


We do some ignorant ass ish!!! black people we need to be smarter and refrain from falling into the stereotypes! Don't these guys have something better to do? STUPID!!!!!!

958 days ago


This is why I feel the common working person should earn more than an entertainer. Its crazy to blow that kind of cash at a strip many other things could be done with that!

958 days ago


That's just great! Soon we'll be reading about him on TMZ on how he is losing his home, cars, family and stiffing his creditors. Stupid is as stupid does.

958 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

What a F*n nerd

958 days ago


his money he can do what he wants with it! work hard play hard! Get that money gurls!!!!!

958 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Half of the Rap "Stars" stories you push down our throats have to do with them spending incredible amounts of money on idiotic crap. The other half have to do with them stiffing someone out of money or not being able to pay off less than $6,000 in traffic violations like that idiot Coolio.

Fabolous should have saved his money for ten years from now when mortgage is due and not on a bunch of dancers who see him for what he truly is - a half drunk, easy mark.
Fab, Enjoy the overpriced vodka now, you'll love the jailhouse Koolaide in ten years.

958 days ago


Seriously??? They are ONE DOLLAR BILLS!!!! And how mad is his baby mama going to be when she reads that? This loser is how far behind in child support?! How pathetic! I have no respect for these dudes up in the club "making it rain" and they don't take care of their responsibilities! It's like the dudes in the hood who have the fresh cars with rims and systems and no place to live and eat at the soup kitchen! (Thats where you will be able to find Not-So-Fabulous in a few years!) P.S. When did he last put out a CD???

958 days ago


And the jealous, racists go wild!

958 days ago
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