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Kim K and Kris Humphries

Annulment is the Sticking Point

3/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are both willing to end their marriage.
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are both willing to end their marriage with an annulment, but each is insisting that the other confess to fraud -- and that's what is holding up their settlement.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... Kim would be happy to annul the marriage, if Kris will admit he defrauded her by promising to live with her in Hollywood and then demanding that she move to Minnesota -- something we told you about last October.

As we first reported, Kris wants Kim to admit fraud -- that she never had any intention of making this a real marriage ... something Kim has adamantly denied.

We're told Kim will open the vault and spend anything it takes to win this case if Kris insists that she confesses fraud.

As for money ... we've already told you Kris is demanding $7 million from Kim -- something Kim thinks is absurd since he MADE money off the wedding and the reality show PLUS they have a prenup which gives Kris a big fat zero.

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It's NOT fraud for him to want her to live in Minnesota, even if he knew he wanted her to live there all along. There are several elements of fraud that Kim would never be able to prove... especially that Kris was relying on the fact that it would be acted upon by the plaintiff (Kim). He may have HOPED she would move to Minn, but he couldn't be sure. Also, he could FORCE her to move to Minn at any point, so she was never forced to act upon his "fraud." He however, has a much better case, because by his accusations Kim knew the marriage was fake, she did convince him to act upon her fraud by him marrying her. Both of them will probably find it impossible to prove fraud though. He needs some witnesses if he thinks he stands a chance... emails, voice mails, anything with her saying it was all fake...

928 days ago

Yep I said that    

All Kris' lawyer has to do is play parts of the Kockroachians tv show in court with her whining and this cheap nasty trollop will shut the h3ll up and go away. This b!tch is like a effing rash you can't get rid of

928 days ago


Kris is an idiot. So glad Kim saw him for what he was BEFORE she got pregnant and stuck with him for life as a baby daddy. Now the world can see what a loser he is. Poor Kim.

928 days ago


Yo Harvey! Are you the Kardashian's new B*&^%? Did Kimmie let you give her the golden shower too? Do you like the way they emasculate men. That would explain your one sided-ness with your "reporting". Grow some balls like Radar Online did!!!

928 days ago


Here are seven reasons why it sucks to be Kim Kardashian today.

928 days ago


Just take your money and eat it. You´ll be crapping it till the end of time.

928 days ago


Don't give in Kris....make this gypsy grifter PAY! She is such white trash!!

928 days ago


Like she gives a flying **** about Kris anymore. Get real.

928 days ago


Kris is the ultimate winner here...keep holding out until you make this loser admit she is a fraud. Kris emerges as the winner here.

928 days ago


So according to you, TMZ, only Kris made money from the wedding -- a nobody, ball player. Yet, Reality Queen Lard Ass made zero -- even though she's the heavy lifter of this money team. Do you realize how biased you sound when you report things Kardashian in this tilted way??!! Aside from the obvious, Kim basically f**ked herself repeatedly by her dumb statements in her own reality show -- she pretty much laid out Kris' case for his lawyer!

Why not tell the story correctly, TMZ, instead of this biased bullcrap!

928 days ago


he deserves every penny for being married to THAT, fraudulent or not.

928 days ago


Anybody else ever bother to pay attention that this chick isn't even respected by REAL celebrities? She invited people like Will Smith along with others like Beyonce and they didn't show up to her wedding. Why would she invite them? She’s completely out of reach to think she has any business inviting celebrities of that caliber.
Also, notice she only hangs with other reality stars and not A list talent? Real A-List actors who have been in this industry for over 10 yrs CANNOT stand this girl and even question why she shows up at the parties that celebrate THEIR talents. As far as everyone's concerned, she's a wannabe who comes off more like a groupie who’s looking for her next “opportunity”.
It baffles me how delusional this girl is and I have to wonder where she gets the impression that she's a real business woman or that people enjoy her presence or her "trademark". She wants to act like Mr. Humphries is attempting to climb "the social ladder" but what did she call it when she did it and slept around to get ahead? Everyone knows how she works! That's why at these parties, they might smile in her direction, but won't actually hold a conversation with her. The majority of these celebrities look the other way or roll their eyes. They cannot stand this woman. It’s insulting to them to have the likes of her at THEIR events. She doesn’t belong there. And she needs to get that through her head. Have actually heard a few say that she CHEAPENS the events when she shows up. At what point will she give it up and disappear?

928 days ago

john sule    

They are both money hunger. They are going to drag this crap out as long as they can. Hey mabey make a tv show about it.

928 days ago

the gernade    

kriss is way hot he should buy a new wardobe and strut it around kim and show her what she missed out on

928 days ago

the gernade    

and show up in a new jag to

928 days ago
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