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'OC Housewife' Gretchen Rossi

Tamra's Engagement Is a SHAM

3/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi is telling friends ... Tamra Barney's new engagement is based on a money-grubbing lie -- manufactured by show producers desperate for a dramatic finale.

Sources close to Gretchen tell TMZ, producers originally approached Gretchen's BF Slade about proposing -- hoping he'd pop the question in time for the show's big finale this year. We're told producers even attempted to bribe Slade with an exotic proposal destination ... and a FREE RING.

We're told Slade turned the offer down -- convinced the public already hated him enough without a fake proposal -- so producers turned to Tamra and her BF Eddie Judge out of spite.

We're told Tamra and Eddie instantly snatched up the proposal package -- and her whole proposal was then conveniently filmed for the show ... at the same exotic location that was allegedly offered to Slade.

Bravo had no comment.


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Gretchen always denies everything...does she ever admit to's always someone else????

948 days ago


What a so called friend you are Gretchen, I truly believe Eddie really loves Tamra...Hey and if Bravo really paid them to film the wedding for the show well then WOO HOO!!! Tamra this is a no brainer Vicky will be your maid of honor WOO HOO!!!

948 days ago


Well...just enjoy the drama...but take the REALITY of these shows with a grain of salt...

948 days ago


Um, I would stay away from so many close ups if I were her. Please see a dermatologist about that bad skin! Should be under the radar. She's also super annoying and obnoxious!

948 days ago

Sam Karr    

Who? I thought TMZ reported on celebrities.

948 days ago


Who really cares if it's a sham or not. Tamra (Tammy Sue) is a horrid actress. Her fake crying with no tears is pathetic. She will always be a sleazebag(who puts another mans hand on their breast??) Can't stand that old washed up hag.

948 days ago


I'm sorry but this girl is dumb as a stump. Too much Botox and silicone. Top it off with her gutter mouth and she is the total package of white trash.

948 days ago


I've stopped watching this show and will only watch the Beverly Hills gals. The Orange County gals are just unlikeable to me. I used to enjoy them, but it's looking so fake and scripted lately. I don't find any of them interesting anymore. The crazy christian people are goofy, Tamara is just an aging trainwreck, Vicki is boring, I guess Gretchen is okay, but I can't stand the BF Slade. The Beverly Hills gals are more fun to watch and to get a glimpse into a lifestyle that is unlike my own. The OC girls are similar to my lifestyle, therefore boring, been there, done that. Also nobody on OC seem to have real jobs except Vicki and hers is boring. They don't seem educated either. Just trampy people trying to get by and scam there way along in life.

948 days ago


Oh Gretchen, just when I thought you grew some class you gotta go stab someone. So what if it's a sham. Seriously, the whole show is a sham. Everyone has whore mongered to get ratings and attention including Gretchen and Slade. I also think it was a real poor decision to go out and announce what Bravo did or didn't do and scream SCAM when Bravo is writing her big paychecks (along with Slade). Probably be a nice way to find yourself out of a job. The handbags and makeup enterprise will get little attention without a reality show to back it up and you are going to find yourself as washed up as that crack whore looking Adrianne Curry. Gretchen is beautiful but not very bright.

948 days ago


I quit watching this show....Tamara is soulless and insecure, the rest of them I can't even figure, totally strange people I cannot even relate to....not even reality show!!

948 days ago


I wish Bravo would offer me that I would take either Slade or Eddy both are fun. I just have to sneak out of the house for a week with out my husband knowning. I could use a vacation after 25 years. I am a good sport and a real housewife in SLO county, CA.

944 days ago


i really like grecthen i feel she is real!!heather is also a housewife who is real!!tamara she is so envious and fake you see right through her..

940 days ago


They are all out to make money and I prefer seeing Tamara on the show opposed to Gretchen and Slade. I have no respect for either of them. Tamara I have to say to you though, you can do better, Eddie looks like a gay woosh! Come on sister I see more potential in you, you are smart and you are prettier than Gretchen. She looks like a man without makeup.

894 days ago


i do like her ,i want her to spit on tamra feck dont care about her . u r it good girl i like you

882 days ago


i am it the fan off her i like alot . she it good woman i want her to be strong an dont care what peple talk bad about you love you xxx

882 days ago
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