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If Seacrest Didn't Sue Me,

Lindsay Lohan Shouldn't Either!

3/19/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pitbull is invoking the little known 'Seacrest Defense' in his legal battle with Lindsay Lohan -- claiming in new docs that if Ryan Seacrest didn't sue him for mentioning him in a song ... LiLo shouldn't either!

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is suing Pitbull (along with Ne-Yo and Afrojack) for namedropping her in the song "Give Me Everything." She claims the lyric –– "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" -- caused her "irreparable harm."

In legal docs filed this week in New York, Pitbull responded to the suit and pointed out that he rapped about Seacrest in the same song -- and noted Ryan not only didn't sue, but Pitbull performed the song as part of a New Year's Eve show ... hosted by Seacrest!

Translation -- Seacrest has a sense of humor, Lindsay does not.

Pitbull also cited the lesser known First Amendement in his bid to get the case dismissed. 

A judge has yet to rule.


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Maybe Linds (DUIna) can refile in Dubai. They love her there, or so its been rumored.

857 days ago


C'mon, Lohan has over played her bogus lawsuites. The E*Trade commercial, a milk-o-halic baby named Lindsay which never had anything to do with Lohan in the first place. Yes, Lohan sued claiming it was about her. Never was. E*Trade threw her a couple of thousand bucks just to make her go away. Commercial still airs. Lohan hasn't gotten a penny from any of her bogus lawsuites since.

Lohan better be able to proove how this did 'irreptabale harm' Lohan can't. Lindsay is over playing her bogus lawsuites. True a judge has yet to rule but it may not have even been looked at yet.

857 days ago


Andrew: about an hour ago

Team Lilo

Andrew from the bathroom??? Bwahahahahha!

857 days ago

family guy peter drops the F Bomb on lindsay

857 days ago


She made fun of her jailbird status in the bit she did with Keenan Thompson on SNL. Her case was bogus before, but that was the nail in the coffin!

857 days ago


I'm beyond pleased Pitbull is not backing down to this 'one TRICK pony'. Suing and hooking is her only way to make a buck. How incredibly sad.

857 days ago


I always wanted to be an actress growing up but things change and you move in another direction. Looking back I wouldn't change things for the world. I like my privacy and being able to get lost in a crowd. To have strangers know what you eat, where you party, what you're party with, how much you've gained or lost, are your flaws showing, whose taking pictures up your skirt or down your shirt, etc, would drive me crazy. I don't care if they make tons of money, are any of them happy? Do any of them stay together?Are they looking for that exceptance and love from their fans that they didn't find at home? And if they really are happy with themselves than why are they always changing their faces and bodies with plastic? Lindsay has taken this all a step further. Some celebrities get in trouble with the law once or twice during their careers. They learn from the experience and move on. Not Lindsay, she keeps repeating one bad thing after another, tells us that she has learned but sadly she hasn't. She changes her looks, not for the better, to combat the effects that drugs, drinking and partying has done to her face. She changes her hair color like she changes shoes. This child has never found herself or grown up. She is still the age of the mean girl that she played (8 ?) years ago. her parents lost her for being bad parents a long time ago. So basically she is on her own. That is why she doesn't want people telling her what to do. Maybe this time she will listen before it's too late. But I doubt it.

857 days ago


The film industry claims that since Linds creates so much drama with her cocaining, clamslamming, suing, and cactus squashing, no one is going to the movies anymore. They're all watching the entertainment for free, costing the studios trillions.

The film industry is suing Linds. One trillion dollars.

857 days ago


It's a sad day in the world when "pitbull" makes one penny on his talentless crap. He couldn't even come up with a clever name. Holy F***, this guy SUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!

857 days ago


Lindsey Lohan needs to shut up, because she committed crimes in society,, and it's not like everyone on the planet doesn't already know that. You have no good reputation to defend, you dirty woman, so take a vacation from whining in public media.

857 days ago


Its 8 WORDS folks. Its not like Pitbull dedicated an entire song about her. Geesh

857 days ago


Lohan Inc. slinging more sh!t over on ROL...Hahaha! This is going to backfire in their face. Can't wait

857 days ago


Did anybody see this guy "perform" at the NBA allstar game. OMG, it was LAUGHABLE! It even makes me cringe just thinking about it again. Unbelievably bad "performance". BTW, haven't sen Vin Diesel in the same room as Pitbull (really, Pitbull??) .....Just sayin'

857 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

According to the ROL she refuses to talk to the cops because she is focused on finishing her CS. Does she have less hours in the day then the rest of us or is she putting in 18 hour days at the morgue?

857 days ago


What a LOSER LL is! She can't drive, she can't act, she can't tell the truth, so in order to make money, she has to start suing people who mention her name in a song! PLEASE! The judge should just lock her up for being STUPID!

857 days ago
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