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If Seacrest Didn't Sue Me,

Lindsay Lohan Shouldn't Either!

3/19/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pitbull is invoking the little known 'Seacrest Defense' in his legal battle with Lindsay Lohan -- claiming in new docs that if Ryan Seacrest didn't sue him for mentioning him in a song ... LiLo shouldn't either!

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is suing Pitbull (along with Ne-Yo and Afrojack) for namedropping her in the song "Give Me Everything." She claims the lyric –– "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" -- caused her "irreparable harm."

In legal docs filed this week in New York, Pitbull responded to the suit and pointed out that he rapped about Seacrest in the same song -- and noted Ryan not only didn't sue, but Pitbull performed the song as part of a New Year's Eve show ... hosted by Seacrest!

Translation -- Seacrest has a sense of humor, Lindsay does not.

Pitbull also cited the lesser known First Amendement in his bid to get the case dismissed. 

A judge has yet to rule.


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Sorry TMZ but you're wrong with the "Translation -- Seacrest has a sense of humor, Lindsay does not." What you meant to write is "Translation -- Seacrest has countless millions, Lindsay does not." Sure it caused your career "irreparable harm" not that the drugs, theft, toxic relationships and alcohol didn't do anything of the nature.......

758 days ago


It's not slander, since what he said was true. Lindsay would have to prove that what he said was false, and well, that's impossible.

758 days ago

Nicole Lee    

This is redunkulous. All the man did was state a public fact. She was locked up. I'm surprised that it has made it this far.

758 days ago

Nicole Lee    

I seriously cannot believe that lindsay sued him. You would think that she would've re-thought this lawsuit after she sobbered up. I mean, what can she sue about, she was locked up. He merely stated a fact.

758 days ago


Lohan has no problem sueing anyone she can to make a quick buck. When it happens to her it's extortation. They just want to make money off of me. She is so full of BS it's beyond scary. She's such a two faced lier.

I thought the line was "locking it up like Lindsay Lohan" not "locked up like Lindsay Lohan" big difference.

Lawyers consider her 'libel proof' meaning she has done so much damage to her own name, reputation herself she can't sue for damages she's already done to herself.

758 days ago


She will have to prove that the song ruined her reputation, and will have to show monetary damages caused by the song. He can argue that he only mentioned her name in that context because her reputation was already bad. He will mention that he didn't name-drop anybody who has stayed on the right side of the law, now did he? She cannot show any real damages. Most of us never heard of this song, anyway, except when TMZ keeps printing some news about this situation. She's completely out of luck on this one, and I'm not a lawyer or a judge.

758 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lilo, I would've thought you'd have already dropped this non case. Here's an instance of you acting in a way that distances people from you, rather than toward you, in your bid for a comeback.

You mom is a complete failure in life, don't grow up to be like her!!!! There's still time and you can help move your comeback in the right direction by letting this non suit die on a vine. It's this type of behavior people H8 you for.

Pull your head out of your a*s, like I've asked the H8rs to, and maybe you both can find some common ground in a place called reality.

758 days ago


Pitbulls defense is the most ridiculous I have ever heard. Just because Seacrest didnt sue him, Lindsay shouldn't either? LOL! It doesnt matter if Lindsay was in jail ot not, that isn't the point, he used her name in his song without her permission and in a negative way, she has every right to object.

This pitbull guy is a rapper, why didn't he use the name of one of his many rapper friends who have gone to jail? why did he pick on a 25 year old girl? Oh yeah I know, maybe he was afraid of what they might have done to him so he picked on the girl. Pitbull is a bully and an ignorant fool.

758 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This is the Secret at work here. When you put out negative energy by twisting your irrational beliefs into facts, and use these "facts" to sue people you will draw these same type of people into YOUR world. This will continue until you change your "focus" and subsequently change your "thoughts".....

Party with your pants down!

758 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I love some of her defenders. 25 year old 'girl'. Soon it will be 35 year old 'girl' 45 year old 'girl'. everybody should stop picking on this 65 year old girl.

758 days ago


Cut the crap 'irreparable harm' Why isn't Lohan sueing herself? She's the one who has done 'irreparable harm' to herself.

Enough with the poor little everyones out to get me Lohan. Christ sakes she pushing a 26 yr. old grown woman. 7 mugs shots something to be very proud of.

758 days ago


Whatever harm Lindsay has done to herself is her responsibility. It doesn't give Pitbull the right to use her name in a negative way in a song which is heard worldwide and without her permission. The fact she was in jail has nothing to do with it. Also, Pitbulls excuse Seacrest didnt sue him is totally lame.

758 days ago


Pitbull should have never included
Lindsay in a song.
I don't care for this lying bitch,
To highlight her is wrong.
She should thank her lucky stars,
That someone took the time.
To even mention this waste of space,
For she did do the crime.
If anything she should pay,
I do hope she does fail.
Please Lord let her do some time,
And send her azz to jail.

758 days ago


Pitbull has this case LOCKED UP like lindsay lohan....HA!!!

758 days ago


@ Susan, to defend her is wrong on so many levels. Seek the help you need.

758 days ago
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