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Oprah Winfrey

Bloodbath at OWN

3/19/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Rosie ... now TMZ has learned roughly 30 people got the chop at the Oprah Winfrey Network today ... including 2 high level execs.

Sources connected to OWN tell us ... people from at least 3 departments were let go ... including the creative services dept., integrated marketing and promo scheduling.

We're told one of the casualties was the head of the Creative Services Department. Another was the Senior Vice President of Production.

One source tells us the group included people with years of experience in the industry as well as newcomers.

The timing is interesting ... considering O just cancelled Rosie O'Donnell's show. OWN has been struggling with low ratings since its launch.

One source tells us, "It's like a ghost town over there."

We're told, "They did the firings respectfully ... brought everyone into an office individually and explained the situation face to face."

Calls to OWN have not been returned.


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Oprah is a sociopath. You have to be an idiot to enjoy anything she does.

950 days ago


What will it take for Oprah to realize people love love love Oprah on network TV. But we do not love love love, cable that much. Plus, who begins a network without a NEWS department. That's just dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.

OPRAH, come back.

950 days ago


Oh my. Oprah FINALLY failed because of her own doing.

950 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Problem with her ratings... the majority of her audience don't bother with having cable. Should've stuck with the local channel that people actually watch.

950 days ago


Have to agree with Mazor - the woman seems to be biggest hypocrite on face of planet. Interview about Whitney Houston did me in - what a freak to do that to a young girl who just lost her mother. She can't even get original interesting shows on her network. And what the heck is she doing with a network? It has no identity and is awful. She thinks she is almighty, all knowing blah blah blah. She had a successful television show. Big deal. Go away.

950 days ago


Oprah her head got too big for her shoulders.

950 days ago


"Calls to OWN have not been returned." - Because there's no left to answer them.

950 days ago


Oprah is a racist imo.I was on her show and treated poorly will never support her,my son was the guest and when his coffee cup broke,thats all she gave us,we asked for a replacement,because it broke at the studio and we were promised a she is what she gets karma

950 days ago


Maybe the whole network is going under??

950 days ago

charlei harper    

It's either the christians, the homos or the lesbos fault and I'm thinking's to ya Gopra, nice fall, I hope you landed safely...

950 days ago


She needs to shut the whole network down..Who wants to pay extra see that crap....get that on regular TV channels. She needs a show like she had on regular tv, along with real TV shows, comedy like Two and a half men, King and Queens, action like CSI, real movies, not some 1970 Turner and Hooch crap or Colored Purple 24/7, or even quality reality TV.

950 days ago


OWN was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I was finding less and less worth watching on cable. Oprah then took over Discovery Health, dropped one of the few shows left on cable that I enjoyed, Dr. G Medical Examiner... so I finally said "Screw this!", and "cut the cord" on cable completely... and I don't miss it... and saving $100/month!

950 days ago


Oprah should fire herself. The people who watched her can't afford cable. The people can afford cable are at work. They don't have time to watch TV.

950 days ago

JEWremy LIN     

@Scott dont try too hard your jokes are lame as the OWN network "*** PEACE"

950 days ago


Bet that is one big severance package!

950 days ago
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