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Oprah Winfrey

Bloodbath at OWN

3/19/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Rosie ... now TMZ has learned roughly 30 people got the chop at the Oprah Winfrey Network today ... including 2 high level execs.

Sources connected to OWN tell us ... people from at least 3 departments were let go ... including the creative services dept., integrated marketing and promo scheduling.

We're told one of the casualties was the head of the Creative Services Department. Another was the Senior Vice President of Production.

One source tells us the group included people with years of experience in the industry as well as newcomers.

The timing is interesting ... considering O just cancelled Rosie O'Donnell's show. OWN has been struggling with low ratings since its launch.

One source tells us, "It's like a ghost town over there."

We're told, "They did the firings respectfully ... brought everyone into an office individually and explained the situation face to face."

Calls to OWN have not been returned.


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Which goes to prove that it wasn't Rosie, it's the network that's tanking, which is Oprah's fault. From what I understand. Rosie's show had steady ratings, not great but steady and better than most of the other shows on the network. She was making a LOT of money, though and that's the main reason the show was cancelled. The fact that so many people were let go today kind of proves that. It won't be long before the entire network goes under.

914 days ago


Please be civil folks. Lots of negative opinions and lots of hatred. Sorry state of affairs. Bottom line is you have to admit Oprah has been a positive force in our society regardless of politics, social/sexual/economic, or pretty much any other status. So give her a break for being a visionary.

Bottom line for me has been simple: I'm lucky that I have been able to afford service with her channel, and HD as well. But I just don't watch hardly anything that isn't in HD anymore because the picture quality is just plain annoying. Now she probably can't afford to upgrade to HD, so oh well....

914 days ago


Bet Gayle King still has a position there. One that she never earned except what she did to Oprah sexually.

914 days ago


Oprah is so puffed up full of herself. Her bloated ego has finally been punctured. Fire all the people you want, the truth is we fired you long time ago.

914 days ago


Buy all the the cancelled ABC soaps and you'll do just fine Oprah!

914 days ago


Winfrey has a ton of money. Bought her own TV network. It's not working. People are not watching. Hey the bright side is, it's a tax write off.

914 days ago


Two things: Her network is on the third tier of cable /satellite TV and most poor folk who watched her can't afford it. Second: She never fires anyone. Rosie O'Donnell caused havoc at OWN with her big mouth and pissed people off to the point they wanted out anyway.

914 days ago


Oprah is getting a lesson on just how fickle the viewing public really is.

914 days ago

The Neko Nation    

As an African American I can happily say I hope Oprah and her network fail. She is a poor example for all African Americans. She only wants to be black when it is good for her. She is a fake and a phony and she is getting what she deserves. She may be rich but she has done nothing for the real African American community or America. Just a shameless self promoter.

914 days ago


I stopped watching Oafra years ago. I knew Pumpkinhead's show would bomb.

914 days ago


think smaller

914 days ago


I will not watch Oprah, pay or not pay. She is a one trick pony and have not much talent for any one to watch, is time to show America that she is a nothing but a big mouth.

Yes, she is going down !

914 days ago


The minute she hired Rosie I decided not to watch. What was she thinking hiring that loud mouth angry bitch? That did it for me. No time for that crap. I did watch it once for 10 minutes and Rosie sucked. She's always sucked, but this 10 minutes was the worst most of the other **** tv out there.

914 days ago

brittney hash    

I really liked Rosie's show? why did Oprah cancel it????

914 days ago


Not trying to change this around but weren't the signs on the wall for those workers? i guess when your desperate for work you;ll grab anything Still this has been a sinking ship for awhile now. Like anyone couldn't tell that this network was nothing more than a vanity project for oprah. Its obvious she has no intention of doing any real work to promote this network and fix it. Its mainly a network to showboat her sideshow of lame talkshow hosts like dr phil and the other crappy hosts,

Not blaming the workers because lets be honest oprah doesn't give a s--t about them but if they were surprised they must have been deluded Was mainly a matter of when the plug was pulled on this iceberg going down

Most with 2 brain cells and not deluding themselves could see that being a worker there was not going to last

914 days ago
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