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Oprah Winfrey

Bloodbath at OWN

3/19/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Rosie ... now TMZ has learned roughly 30 people got the chop at the Oprah Winfrey Network today ... including 2 high level execs.

Sources connected to OWN tell us ... people from at least 3 departments were let go ... including the creative services dept., integrated marketing and promo scheduling.

We're told one of the casualties was the head of the Creative Services Department. Another was the Senior Vice President of Production.

One source tells us the group included people with years of experience in the industry as well as newcomers.

The timing is interesting ... considering O just cancelled Rosie O'Donnell's show. OWN has been struggling with low ratings since its launch.

One source tells us, "It's like a ghost town over there."

We're told, "They did the firings respectfully ... brought everyone into an office individually and explained the situation face to face."

Calls to OWN have not been returned.


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See Oprah, perhaps if you were to take on the soaps, you would have had legions of followers, but you didn't and what makes it even more disgusting you did it in a patronizing manner. You reap what you sow.

950 days ago


Hmmm....everything Oprah touches doesn't turn to gold! I'm must gonna use the F word - FAIL. Even Oprah does it! ;)

950 days ago


This is what happens when someone " oprah" lets their head get too big.

950 days ago



The Neko Nation: 9 minutes ago

As an African American I can happily say I hope Oprah and her network fail. She is a poor example for all African Americans. She only wants to be black when it is good for her. She is a fake and a phony and she is getting what she deserves. She may be rich but she has done nothing for the real African American community or America. Just a shameless self promoter.

@The Neko Nation


As a fellow African American, "TELL ME" what was Oprah Winfrey suppose to do for "YOU" or "ME" that WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE FOR OURSELVES??? Ms. Winfrey IS "NOT" AN ELECTED OFFICIAL!!! Only "ELECTED OFFICIALS" have an "obligation" to performs acts that help promote the "GREATER GOOD" of the general public. Just because someone is successful and wealthy doesn't mean they're "OBLIGATED" to give "EVERYONE" who asks a "HANDOUT"!!! Karma is "NO RESPECTER" of individuals. It rains on the "JUST" and "UNJUST" alike. All of us have to bear the "CONSEQUENCES" of our "individual" decisions for "BETTER OR WORSE"!!! I certainly know plenty of people regardless of their race and socioeconomic background who make "AZZ BACKWARD" decisions COMING AND GOING. Oprah Winfrey is just an individual with limited resources -- NOT GOD!!! Some of the most profound lessons in life are learned through "TRIAL AND ERROR". Unless people are willing to deal with the "ROOT CAUSE" of their problems, THEY WILL NEVER EVOLVE. Bigotry will ALWAYS be a problem but you don't have to let it become your PERSONAL UNDOING!!! Oprah Winfrey is a FINE EXAMPLE of this philosophy. If you "HATE" your current situation, then ONLY "YOU" CAN FIX IT!!!

950 days ago


Most commenters nailed it on the head; she never paid attention to the programming and success of her network. She basically lent her name and image and set back and let others work to make it popular. She brought along her boring sideshow of dr oz dr phil and other crap that nobody cared about and was only tolerable in small doses on her show. Most watched oprah for her and not these

She was like an absentee boss who only came around for show and to pick up her paycheck.

She never tried to do anything original or interesting. Just the usual b.s of pseudo doctor, psychologist interior decorator. Basically the equivalent of a womans magazine and most people found it as dull as waTCHING paint dry

Oprah knew all along and did nothing to change her network since from the beginning the signs were on the wall

950 days ago


Bummer I guess for those fired... I'm sure they hoped Harpo would give them years of financial security. BUT she retired, in a sense didn't she? Oprah stopped doing it daily TV show. She's done. She said she's done. Let her be done.

950 days ago


OWN raided all the crap that Walmart can't sell in their DVD bins and decided they had invented programming. If you look at their schedule you'll see what I mean. All 20 year old crap.

950 days ago


Wonder if Oprah will pull a Jay Leno and ask to be put back on Commercial TV.

950 days ago


It's about time. That saying " What goes up must come down" fits her to a T. She couldn't stay on top forever, even with a ego as massive as her's is. it's a wonder her head goes through a door. I am glad that there are like minded people who see who for her she is. I was always made to be a freak because I DIDN'T like Oprah. Everybody thought she knew absoulutely everything and she didn't. There was one thing that she didn't know what she was doing and that was running a network. Now she is human, not some god that the sheeple worship.

950 days ago


I feel sorry for the People who got laid off, but as for Oprah
who cares, never liked her and never will

950 days ago


We don't get "OWN" with expanded basic cable. If her ratings were in the toliet when it was free, what would make her think that people would pay extra to watch the same old crap.

950 days ago

who farted    

They don't have to fire people because no one watched Rosie. She's awful.

950 days ago


Remember the incident where Rosie told some cancer stricken woman that "liars get cancer"? I have hated her guts ever since that day. She can go straight to hell, I hope she never gets another job.

950 days ago


Oprah has failed before. Didn't anyone see Beloved? Oh, yeah right. They didn't.

950 days ago


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950 days ago
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