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The Case of the Disappearing

Baby Weight

3/20/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weightIt's been ten weeks since she gave birth to little Blue Ivy, but a glowing Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weight in a form-fitting dress as she headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC for dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday.

It's almost like she never had a baby.



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her fake baby bump, i bet her and jay-z never had sex..its all about money & publicity

911 days ago


she never had the baby, so phony and rediculous of her to even have had a fake belly

911 days ago


subtle, very subtle :D

911 days ago


To the fool saying the baby isn't hers simply because of the skin tone and hair, please crawl back to a cave or something. If you've never seen a newborn African-American baby, then shut it. On top of that, my friend's baby was much much lighter than her parents and still is at 4 years old.
You do know a lot of people look like other people in their family right?
You do know as months and time goes by, their complexion gradually comes in?
Have you never seen a baby born with blue eyes end up with brown eyes after a time? Or blond hair that darkens?

Whether White or Black, babies change quite a bit after they are born.

Come on, Al! Talk about the weird belly fold pic, not that ignorant skin/hair bull.

911 days ago


Really people.It's been almost 3 months. Women can lose baby weight in that time. And do you not see all the body armour under her form fitting dress. They do sell spanks. She had a baby...accept it. Move on with your life because I'm sure she's less than concerned with what you think...SMH

911 days ago


Didn't her baby bump fold up during an interview? I'd think that was a stuffed fake baby bump.

Even if it was, I guess it is nobody's business really, if she did go with a surrogate or adopt or something and prefers to keep it private.

911 days ago

northern gypsy    

i honestly don't know what to think anymore...
you got to ask...why do these "rumors" keep surfacing ???
i guess only time will tell once the baby get older...

911 days ago


What sense would it make for her to pretend she was pregnant? You really believe she would be ashamed of adopting or using a surrogate? Why? If you haven't noticed people have been adopting for years without any public humiliation. If anything doing surrogacy or adopting would have given her more spotlight if having a baby had anything to do with her image. Think people....

911 days ago


Stop perpetuating the myth that this woman did not have a baby. When white stars lose their baby weight quickly she is admired and put on magazine telling how she did it. And these fools who think that someone would lie about being pregnant, especially someone as high profile and followed by the press as Beyonce, is as dumber than a box of rocks. Stop being jealous and get on with your own miserable lives!! You go, Beyonce. Show these idiots that what a classy young woman you are. And that you are just as rich, if not richer than these white women who can afford to have someone come to their homes and work them back into shape after having a baby!!!

911 days ago


i don't care whether anyone thinks she did or did not give birth to the baby, even i have my doubts although i don't really care. However if you're going to say something let it be valid and logical. I have 2 sons and a flat stomach. I had a flat stomach when i left the hospital. Also, I am black and my husband is black and my kids like almost every other black baby came out with no color. Black babies get their color over time people!

911 days ago


These celeb mothers getting back into shape immediately after delivery is one huge hot steaming crock of s***. This is absolutely unnatural. Any woman who has ever gone through a pregnancy can tell you of the monumental changes that the female body goes through in constitution and structure. A normal woman with a normal life, even with working towards getting back into as much of a pre-pregnancy shape as she can has to surrmount taking care of a newborn full time, nursing that baby, taking care of a home and other family members, etc. A real woman probably doesn't have the good fortune to have a private trainer, nutritionist,nanny, household staff, etc. If they were normal they'd be just like the rest of us women.

911 days ago


It's really very simple to explain, she never had the baby, the surrogate did..Get it now? Doubters??

911 days ago


As for the folding bump in that fuchsia dress, I always thought everyone knew she was just trying to enhance her belly, you know, to make it look perfectly round because celebs are psycho when it comes to perfection. Complete psychos! Hmmm.

Earlier in her pregnancy:

Later in her pregnancy:

Whatever weirdness went on, it's their kid. Whether she had fertility issues (there was definitely at least one miscarriage) and decided to use a surrogate to carry her fertilized egg, that's actually NONE of our business! The baby is still her and Jay Z's biological child, even if her womb couldn't hold a pregnancy and she required help. We don't need to know all of anyone's personal business, even if we as the public feel it is no big deal to reveal it. Fertility and any issues that come with it are very stressful and personal (trust me, I know). Just cause some other celeb let's you in, that doesn't mean that all will feel so open about their vagina!!

911 days ago

She's baaaack    

She's a star. It's her business to look that way. The person I can't wait to see after she delivers is Jessica Simpson because there is no way that woman is going to be able to hide her 200 pound body in a slinky dress. No way at all.

911 days ago


I could care less WHO had the baby, what irks me is this couple just can't make enough money to satisfy themselves. Not only their music but ads all over the place. I just really hope they are helping their people in "the hood" that can't find jobs or that also have babies that have nothing ! To give one baby so so so much and others have nothing, not even enough food, isn't right. I want to know they are giving giving giving, because they have more than enough money for 500 people to live on in a lifetime. I don't care for GREEDY PEOPLE. When it's never enough money to satisfy you, that is very BAD ! ! ! I hope that baby doesn't suffer because of the parents greed.

911 days ago
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