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The Case of the Disappearing

Baby Weight

3/20/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weightIt's been ten weeks since she gave birth to little Blue Ivy, but a glowing Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weight in a form-fitting dress as she headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC for dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday.

It's almost like she never had a baby.



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YES we have heard of spanx. Have YOU heard of kankles, fat arms, or swollen milk-engorged boobs??? Spanx don't work miracles. Same goes for the "nutritionist" theory. If all that could save her, she wouldn't have been as big a girl as she was before "the baby."

Beyonce was NEVER a small girl, so if she actually were pregnant she would have ballooned up to Jessica Simpson's size simply based on her body type alone.

911 days ago

Fed up    

I guess Heidi Klum didn't give birth to her kids either. She was in a bathing suit 2 months after giving birth. People who are in good shape before they get pregnant tend to bounce back way faster than the average person who gains way too much weight while they're pregnant.

911 days ago


She was never pregnant. Her fake baby bump folded in half when she appeared on a talk show.

911 days ago


good to c i am not the only one that believed she was not pregnant. why all the mystery with the adoption. no one is going stone them for having a bit to infertility and unable to have a child of their own

911 days ago


if she had a baby, then she has been smoking crack, snorting coke and/or heroin, not eating/vomiting food back up, and running on treadmills every day for 5 hours.

911 days ago


Blue Ivy sounds like something my grandmother plants in the garden/or maybe even a blues band!! Poor kid saddled with that name!!
They must have been drinking and came up with that.

At B's age it is very easy to lose the baby weight, sometimes almost immediately.

911 days ago


The caption "The Case of the Disappearing Baby Weight" must have been written by a man - the case is solved, duh, the baby disappeared out of her belly, just like all of the other pregnant women on this earth has experienced!!!! You have a baby inside of you - you're "fat". You don't have a baby inside of you - you're "skinny". It's not rocket science . . .

911 days ago


She didn't have a baby, damn shame if people are suppose to love each other she couldn't stand to give that ugly camel a baby. She knew the baby was going to come out ugly looking like a baby camel she didn't want to take the chance. She so stupid that she allowed someone else to carry the baby (how ashamed) or they adopted the baby. She probably met the real mother in labor at the hospital gving birth and brought the entire wing to make it look like she was giving birth, that is how they pulled it off.

911 days ago

Mary Anne Huff    

If she had that beautiful baby she would have looked like Jessica Simpson does now. Kinda dumb when anybody that has ever had a chile knows tain't so.

911 days ago


Her baby bump "folded" on that talk show. Maybe she did have a surrogate because she didn't want to be pregnant and risk having a "tummy ache" and risk injury during all of her dance videos/performances . . . which says "selfish diva" all over it. . .

911 days ago


It doesn't really matter whether the kid is adopted or not becuase she's going to turn out to be another spoiled rich kid that gets away with anything she wants because her parents have money even though any other kid would be thrown in jail for doing the same thing.

911 days ago


If the theory of having a white surrogate to have a white cute baby is true, then shame on them!!! How conceited they must be . . . to "plan" how their baby is going to look . . . terrible shame.

911 days ago


I've lost all respect for her. That thing when the baby was born was just toooooooo way over the top. Mariah and Nick have more class than this one and her husband.

911 days ago

True Blood     

I love TMZ (the show), but I swear these comments on here are crazy. You guys know if she were white, you would be talking about how great she looks and how fast she shed her baby weight. Its almost like people can not accept the fact she is a good person and has a good life. EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY!

911 days ago


Thank god for surrogates! I would imagine most entertainers opt for a surrogate as to not deform their precious moneymaker(S).

The truth finds its way out one way or another...

911 days ago
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