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The Situation

Hit Rock Bottom

While Taping 'Jersey Shore'

3/21/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources close to The Situation tell TMZ ... the MTV star's hard-partying ways were worse than ever during the taping of the most recent season of "Jersey Shore" ... and the signs were obvious during the episode when the gang went camping.

TMZ broke the story ... Sitch recently checked into rehab for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control.

Now, sources close to Sitch tell us ... the reality star had been showing signs of substance abuse for a while ... but "he was getting worse" as the season went on.

We're told ... several people noticed he was "acting paranoid" on the set ... and the unusual behavior was evident in certain Season 5 episodes that recently aired on MTV. During the ep when the gang goes camping, Sitch can be seen acting jittery, sweating profusely and just plain acting bizarre.

Sources say ... cast and crew members on "Jersey Shore" are happy he's getting help ... and hope that he will be healthy enough to join them for the recently announced Season 6.


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His friend "Unit" got busted with Ketamine so maybe he snorts that crap too.

Whatever, I hope they all overdose as I am completely over watching drunks and dopers try to be clever.

949 days ago


Sounds like a Meth-head to me. Who really cares about this waste of sperm? He's a joke to all of the hard working people in this country. Why do you folks even watch that SH*T show featuring losers?!?!?

949 days ago


Cocaine, that is what happens kids when you do coke. DON'T DO DRUGS!

949 days ago


The episodes I watched, he was sweating, seemed agitated, was pacing around, always felt the others were against or talking about him, he would rub at his nose and acted strung out. I thought when his friend got arrested for drugs, that he probably was doing them too. He seemed edgy and just mean.

949 days ago


The whole cast is taking their lives down a dark path with all the drinking, multiple sex partners, immoral behavior, now drugs, a pregnancy, etc.

Fake, fame, money, dancing for the devil before a camera.

949 days ago


helluva drug... (Rick James)

949 days ago

BB not bb    

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe he is going to rehab as an excuse for why everyone else in the hosue paints him as a bad guy. I think they confused him and he doesn't know who or what to blame. Needing rehab is a handy and trendy excuse.

There was a rumor that one of them was heavy into cocoaine use in Miami. Maybe it was Mike but I thought it was maybe Ronnie with how crazy he was acting there. I think coke makes you hyper. I think Mike just looks depressed as hell, maybe from drinking too much and having a concussion on top of it.

I think he was annoyed on the camping trip because no one else was helping to tear down the camp and he always catches the fall for the rest of the house while they disparage him. I think he is really the backbone of the show and it wouldn't be that cool without him, even if he is a troublemaker sometimes.

949 days ago



949 days ago


He needs a smack down

949 days ago

BB not bb    

On the reunion clip Jenny runs outside to tell Mike his personality is all wrong and that they want to be his friends but he won't let them. That is just bs to cover their own evil, but Mike probably believed it and thought there was something wrong with himself and so checked into a rehab.

I think any one of them could probably check into a rehab if they wanted to the way they party. I don't know if Mike was actaully doing drugs like it seems his friend The Unit does. I thought Mike was more into health and body building.

He sounded a little messed up ever since Italy, almost sounding like Crackhead Bob, but I thought that was from the concussion on top of drinking on top of being treated like an outcast. Pauly used to be his partner and then Vinny pretty much stole his loyalty away. Pauly used to always back up Mike and now he picks on him too.

They are a bunch of vicious people in tht house and I can see how it would drive some people crazy. Angelina ran out twice and alot of the rest of them tried to also. Sammy and Vinny left and Snooki and Ronnie wanted to leave.

Mike was the one who came up with the concept of family and Sunday dinners. Then they all turned on him. It hurts when your family does that. I guess it is the spoiled brat syndrome that is pervasive nowadays.

I thought that Vinny and Pauly's inside out prank was really dirty. I don't think that Mike had the strength left to carry any more furniture around and he just gave up.

949 days ago

The Real JJ    

So MTV gonna bank off him and announce a new season at the same. Nice.

949 days ago


Haha! That's what he gets for refusing to help his sick father. Looks like crack withdrawl.

949 days ago


"jittery, sweating profusely and just plain acting bizarre"--Coke, meth, or both?

949 days ago


The Dude was gakked out every night after their bar runs. All that weird talk he'd do, gesturing wildly without any fluid control of his limbs. Coke or Meth, maybe both. I was getting high watching him sweat.

949 days ago

who dat    

F these grease stains. Hope they all fall off the map.

949 days ago
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