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Justin Bieber


Can Handle F-Words

3/22/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
insists ... 13-year-olds nowadays can handle a few F-words -- which is why it doesn't make sense to give the new "Bully" movie an R-rating ... especially when young teens can benefit from the message behind the film.

Bieber called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago -- claiming the anti-bullying message of the new documentary far outweighs any harm that comes from the F-bombs contained in the movie. As a result, the rating should be lowered to PG-13.

According to Bieber, if "Hunger Games" can be rated PG-13 -- a movie that depicts the violent deaths of young teenagers -- so can "Bully."


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Is this twerp's 15 minutes up yet?

914 days ago


Parents really don't understand cause they're in lala land. It's not even 13 yr. olds nowadays that can handle it. I don't know why Justin Beiber is acting like his generation is so open about it moreso than others. 13 yr olds have been cursing since forever. Even younger ages than that curse.

914 days ago


I think the people that are having a problem with kids hearing cuss words in "Bully" are living in the fantasy land of "The Hunger Games". Kids curse, it's a fact. And since "Bully" is a FACTUAL and VERY IMPORTANT message of a movie, then the curse words should be allowed to stay in. Taking them out would put the whole movie under question. I completely agree that if you can put a PG-13 rating on a movie about teenage homicide - whether it's fantasy or not (and you know there are some messed up kids out there - who knows what they'll learn from this film), then you can put a PG-13 rating on a movie that depicts REAL LIFE KIDS. Remember, the kids' parents were involved with the filming, obviously they realize that it's what is said between kids and their friends. I don't hear them complaining.

914 days ago


P.S. I think they are pushing this phone call with JB because he's a huge pull with kids in the age group that this movie is depicting. I'm not sure, but that's probably why. By the way, if you haven't already done it, perhaps you should read more about the movie, do a little research on what we're discussing. ;) Check out the stories of the kids that are featured in this film.

914 days ago


Really why would anyone take anyhting bieber seriously cuz hes just a spoiled rich brat kid with teenager brain ..i hate when hollywood people things they are important an only worth listening to

914 days ago


Tell that to your kid dude...I know what's best for my child. Btw did the DNA prove that you're the father or did you pay a lot to shut the baby mama?

914 days ago


This punk is a psychologist? Hey, all he wants is to separate you from the $$$ in your pocket. Bullying has been around long before he was born. If you can't remove yourself from that enviornment or that school, seeing the movie is not going to change your life.

914 days ago


Therefore this movie should get a PG-13 rating as well.

(Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Opening)

914 days ago


I wish these young kids that become famous stop saying they are Christian and they do the opposite. Miley said that same thing then turns around and is high on promoting homosexuals . It appears once they taste fame they forget how they got there and follow the Godless .

914 days ago


This must be one of the signs of the apocalypse. Justin Bieber just made me respect him.

914 days ago


Just because kids cuss doesn't mean they're allowed. Lowering the rating is unacceptable. A lot of parents wont be paying attention to what movie the kid rented since the cover looed okay enough and then hear that filth coming from the TV, complaint city. This will just cause a war, be compared to lowering drinking age,etc. NO, NO, NO! We must maintain that control or kids will be doing what they want by 10. Were already getting there fast. Someone do something.

914 days ago

Ryan Butler    

Justin Bieber used to get bullied in school.

914 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

This kid should wear Condom on his head- Doesnt have a brain!

914 days ago


Bullying is a parenting problem. The R rating means that a child must be accompanied by a parent to see the film. Since no kid is born a bully we can assume this behavior is learned, why don't try to address the issue at the source, THE WAY WE AS GROWN UPS TREAT EACH OTHER!

914 days ago

Yu Lee    

Why not simply remove the curses and F words?
Why did they put the curses into the movie and then expect the lowest rating?
Why not use your brains next time u make a movie?

913 days ago
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