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Whitney Houston's Death

Sources Say Cocaine Removed

From Singer's Hotel Room

3/22/2012 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected to Whitney Houston who were with Whitney the day she died tell TMZ ... an individual removed all traces of cocaine from the room before authorities arrived.

The Coroner's Office says Whitney used cocaine "immediately prior to her collapse."  Investigators who arrived on scene found no traces of cocaine or any other illegal substance.

One source who is extremely close to the situation tells us ... the individual who removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney.

As we previously reported, other items were removed from the room as well, including bed sheets.

The Beverly Hills PD just told TMZ ... its investigation is not closed.  Cops will not comment on whether they are looking at evidence tampering.


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Good luck finding the coke hider, being that the lineup of enablers looks like Hands Across America.

953 days ago

Tay Tay    

I feel so bad for Cissy Houston, Her Daughter was caught up with the worst of Human beings anybody can ever be associated with and there was very little she could do about it. There are a lot of Dark and evil things associated with celebrities after the lights go off. These people - From Ray J to Pat to Bobby B - are NOT good for anybody to associate with.

953 days ago


her sister in law is the one that removed the cocaine from her room and was the one supplying her with the drugs. she is going to benefits

953 days ago


The parade of enablers in and out of the Whitney death bathroom must have looked like a French bedroom farce. I'm surprised they didn't remove the faucets along with Nippy's gold fillings before calling 911.

953 days ago


This has bothered me for a while now. When all this was first reported, her family said that Whitney ordered two meals for herself before performing. One of the meals was a hamburger, fries and a beer. The other meal was, I believe, a turkey sandwich with a side of jalapenos that she would eat in the tub. With that order, a glass of champagne. That doesn't add up to me. Sounds like she had a guest (probably a guy) who ate the burger & fries and had the beer. She would have had the turkey sandwich that still wasn't consumed. In the pictures I just noticed a teapot--maybe to soothe her throat with honey & lemon before singing. I think a guy was there and took the sheets because of semen and/or traces of cocaine on them. Not that it will change the outcome but the two meals have bothered me since this was first reported. God Bless.

953 days ago


Whitney always had the option to say no to drugs, but she didn't. In the end it is her fault.

953 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The same person:
1. Supplied it.
2. Used it with Whitney.
3. Took it before the cops came.
4. Finished it that night.
5. Sat in the first row at Houston's funeral.

953 days ago


I bet the Beverly Hilton has video of everyone who got off the elevator near Whitney's hotel room. They might have video in the hallway too where you can see every person who entered her room. Those "key cards" also logs when people come and go unless someone jars the door open.

I bet the cops know exactly who Whitney Houston's main drug dealer is. I bet Whitney asked for the most expensive, purest type of cocaine you can get in L.A. Sure enough someone went out and got it for her. It might have been one of Whitney's longtime friends or just some slimeball drug dealer she met in L.A. recently. Who knows, maybe even Bobbi Kristina bought that cocaine.

Whitney probably either snorted or smoked waay too much of that super pure cocaine and it gave her a heart attack. I hear you can die of a heart attack the first time you smoke crack if you do too much. You can O.D. on cocaine at a party just like with the heroin addicts with their needles. Stay FAR away from crystal meth and crack cocaine. They are THE worst drugs on the planet. Heroin too. You have to be a total moron to mess with that stuff. Only BAD THINGS happen when you start doing that crap.

953 days ago

how lame    

One article said raffles van whatever took her Grammy party tickets and went on down to the party. Maybe he knows where the stash is?

953 days ago


Oh due tell:-)

953 days ago

Tay Tay    

The one person i'm afraid for is Bobbi Kristina. She seem to possess all the bad attributes associated with Whitney. I hope Cissy will advice her to stay far away from Pat, Ray, Greg, Bobby B and everybody else ever known to hang with Whitney.

953 days ago


Okay when the sister-in-law/manager/enabler was on Orca, she said that Whitney had been clean for months before her death (LIAR), that she wouldn't have relapsed on the day of her death because she was scheduled to shoot an infomercial for candles that day (LIAR and How's the career?) and at most she might have had a little alcohol before her bath (LIAR).

953 days ago

Jay W.     

The Coroner's Office says Whitney used cocaine "immediately prior to her collapse."

You don't say ?

953 days ago


At the end of the day, the coroner said drugs didn't contribute to her death. All of the comments of her being a crackhead or whatever are irrelevant. The world lost its greatest female voice, and she'll never be forgotten.

953 days ago


Aww ****, who didn't know this??? My sister was found,face down, on a sofa,no water ANYWHERE......
Coke, booze,Rx's... The perfect storm, it wasn't ONE thing, it was EVERYTHING......
RIP Whitney & Alison.

953 days ago
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