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One Direction

Massive Security Detail

for Dallas Show

3/24/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are five members in the hit British boy band One Direction -- and today in Dallas, there will be 20 security personnel for each of them ... to ensure their rabid fan base stays safe and in check.

According to our sources, a security team of 100 has been assigned to protect the group for their performance ... which is only supposed to last 45 minutes.

The band, which became the first UK group in history to debut at number one with their first album, is scheduled to play just four songs for a crowd of about 7,000 at the Dr Pepper Ballpark.

The security breaks down like this: 40 for close protection security, 50 more for the venue, and then 10 more just on stand by. 

Your move, Bieber.


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You know your act is a flop when the TMZ comments are already on page two and none of the usual spamming losers have shown up yet.

942 days ago


Who?? This is embarrassing for them

942 days ago


Nice combovers

942 days ago


When I look at these totally manufactured personalities I feel bad for these boys. I then wonder how weird I was because I think I saw New Kids On The Block every single time I could because I wanted to marry Jordan. That wasn't going to work was it? Anyhooo ... I wonder what these kids are really like? I wonder if some little girl wants to marry the gay one, like I wanted to marry Jordan?

942 days ago


apparently donald trump's hair don't/nest is catching on!

942 days ago


Wow it is amazing the comments on here, seriously people need to stop criticizing. these guys have worked their hearts out for the last year and a half and they deserve all the success that has come to them. I do agree that the success is overwhelming seeing as they didn't expect the reaction and fathom that they are getting from American girls and some guys. But, either way people need to stop saying derogatory language, it's 2012 people calling someone "gay" is no joke, it is a powerful word that should not be taken lightly, and for that TMZ- YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE FLAGGED THIS COMMENT AND TAKEN IT DOWN, VERY DISRESPECTFUL INDEED. I have been a true fan of this group since X Factor UK in 2010 and still am. I do think that twenty guards for each of them is a tad crazy but, then again crazed fans will do anything, and I mean anything to be up close and Texas is just taking precaution nothing wrong with that. They are like the Beatles of our time, and even if people talk badly about them and go on and criticize trust me they won't care because true fans will be there to see them and support them al of the way. It is actually so sad to see one human talking bad about another when we should all be the for one another and be one human family. It is because we are all in our own worlds and judging others that the world is how it is today. Treat others how you want to be treated and at least if you want to judge or criticize have the guts to post a picture of yourself and not some photobucket picture or a picture of your arm tattoo pathetic!!!

942 days ago

I am Spartacus    

you should get your assed kick just for walking out of the house looking like that

942 days ago


THey look absolutely stupid and no one cares about them...thats why they are playing at the Ballpark and not American Arena.

942 days ago


Who wouldn't want to take a swing at them.

942 days ago


Kim KaGASHian is a slut whore.

942 days ago


Wow, very mature comments here. Just because you don't share the same taste in music or same clothing style, does not mean these guys aren't talented or hardworking. Insult them about the way they look, insult them about the amount security they're getting, whatever helps you sleep better at night, but no one has the right to tell them that they don't deserve the fame they have now. I'm 17 years old, yes, I'm one of those "crazy, deluded" (crazy and deluded because I like music? good logic there) teens but I will never make anyone feel bad for liking something I don't like. To the adults reading this, I love the maturity level you guys are showcasing, I completely understand why I should listen to elders.

942 days ago


I hate the One Direction fan base more than I hate any other fan bases.

942 days ago


Does the little boy in the middle realize that his blazer is just a tad small or is that the new look now?

942 days ago



942 days ago


These kids make beiber look straight.

942 days ago
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