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Kobe Bryant

Drops $329,000 on a New Ferrarri

3/25/2012 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Kobe Bryant still has plenty of spending cash, because he just dropped a HUGE chunk of change on a sick new car. Must be nice.

According to our sources, Kobe's new ride is a Ferrari 458 Italia (see below). We're told the Black Mamba paid $329,000 yesterday for the car ... which he paid for in full with a check. 


Kobe's salary for the season is roughly $25 million, so for him ... this is like buying a used Honda.

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No Avatar


Most overrated car. Italian trash.

940 days ago

No comment    

I guess he wanted a new chick magnet for Newport Beach. Chick magnet, oops, I meant police magnet.

940 days ago

Larry The Don    

It's probably another make-up gift for Vanessa

940 days ago


Actually, it's like buying a used mountain bike not a used Honda.

940 days ago


Like buying a new Honda? No, for him it is like deciding to go ahead and get an extra large pizza with the works instead of just a regular large 2-topping pie.

940 days ago


If you do the math, it is like someone who makes $50,000 spending $658 on something.

940 days ago


Crappy picture of the car, can't you pic out a GOOD picture of the car instead of one with crappy circles drawn all over it???

940 days ago


No one buys cars today.. r u kiddin me? This is leased or rented. *smh* @ Media HYPE!

940 days ago


He overpaid. I know a person that just picked up his new 458 and paid just over 250k

940 days ago


Black guy driving a Ferrari? He will get pullover for DWB

940 days ago


Just Kobe being Kobe. When you're the best in the game u deserve a nice car. Haters wanna bring up colorado like that girl was a victim. She lost the case and then sued in civil court. What kinda rape victim takes money from their alleged rapist...a person who wasnt raped. So now Kobe has a new car and probably a new NBA championship coming at the end of this season.

940 days ago

Tony the Giant    

A woman sure knows how to make a man look bad, don't they? They can't whoop you with the hands, so what they do is say or do something to tick you off(right in the middle of an affair) and make you wanna hit them. So she can scream rape on you, and use her injuries as evidence. That's how a lot of althletes and entertainers are getting caught-up, with these petti a--!! women. And then afterwards, she gets paid off through Restitution. That's how they do it. I know lots of guys in society that they have done that to. Just because of jealousy. Some of them kill my sexual appetite, just because of their attitudes, dominance and they way they carry themselves. I be done forgot my love was coming down. You know what I'm saying?
Women is a btch.

940 days ago


This is not news worthy. Kobe Bryant buys Ferrari then crashes it and dies five minutes later. Now that is news worthy. They guy make $329,000 in less than half a game.

940 days ago


Did he buy it for himself or for his wife?
Remember when he bought a huge diamond ring for her after cheating the first time?

Basketball wives seem to get a gift reward when the basketball husband cheats.

940 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

RAPIST! He should be parking his criminal azz in prison, not sitting in a Ferrari. Typical noveau riche ghetto baller. These s h i t for brains think the money will come rolling in forever.

940 days ago
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