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Bobby Brown

Charged with DUI

3/28/2012 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bobby Brown
has just been charged with driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

We're told Bobby blew a .12 blood alcohol level when he was busted on Monday just after noon.

Both offenses are misdemeanors. Each offense carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail.  Bobby could also be fined $1000 per offense.

As we reported, cops stopped Bobby when they saw him in his car yakking on his cell phone. Cops then smelled a strong odor of alcohol. Bobby didn't do well on the field sobriety test and he was cuffed and booked.

1:36 PM PDT -- Law enforcement sources tell us ... Brown's license had been suspended because he got a speeding ticket in 2010 and failed to show up for his court date.



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Totally think Bobby is a loser-- and always have (even before he got his hooks in Whitney)-- but nobody (including BB) can blow a blood alcohol level. Just ask your lawyer boss. He'll tell you.

939 days ago


Dumb idiot, you should have committed yourself to REHAB or THERAPY. It's the celebrity safe card, works every time. Well you can do it the Next time...

939 days ago


Not condoning but he has done nothing that majority of the celebs TMZ reports on havent done.... And everyone handles grief differently.... He hasnt been in the news this way in YEARS so u judgemental ppl need to shut the hell up! He lost his MOM, DAD AND EX WIFE ALL IN A YEAR'S TIME!!!!I wish that on NOONE!! Some of u would prob do worse!!!!!!

939 days ago


did he blow thru all of that National Enquirer money for those casket shots already?

939 days ago


He's such a waste of air.

939 days ago


I feel bad for his daughter, Bobbi Kristina "Houston".
It appears her father refuses to be responsible and help her. Lord, please help her learn that her parents do want her to be happy and healthy, even if they were conflicted emotional on how to place their child before themselves.

Poor kid. She didn't ask for any of this.

939 days ago


Damn, he's almost as bad as Charlie Sheen.

939 days ago

Whitney aint here to bail yo ass out now, what you gonna now bro!

939 days ago


I wish Bobby Brown ad his family the Best. I would like to SALUTE the TROOPS and VETERANS. In my opinion, the alleged veteran should know and keep in mind that he is not supposed to make inflammatory, derogatory, false and character assassination statements/ comments about President Obama. Under military regulations he can still be investigated and prosecuted under the UCMJ because President Obama is still his Commander and Chief. Will George Zimmerman (G.Z.) volunteer to take a "LIE DETECTOR TEST?!" In my opinion, this individual G.Z. is a venomous liar who racially profiled and killed TRAYVON MARTIN. He would probably say, "WHATEVER" to not be arrested for murder. Is G.Z.'s father a MAGISTRATE JUDGE? Do we have another father like Vandersloot who has political/ law enforcement connections within the Sanford police and DA departments? From my perspective, "THE APPLE DOES NOT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE." Maybe the Prosecutor, F.B.I. and Justice Department will add it all up for G.Z.'s father with a possible arrest of his son. Nancy Giles said, "ITS NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NOT NEIGHBORHOOD SHOOT!" ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!! GOD BLESS TRAYVON MARTIN and HIS PARENTS! TRAYVON is defenseless and deceased. The initial police report, non-emergency tape, and individual witness statements will "Speak The Truth" for TRAYVON. Thanks OPRAH for your supportive feedback. Happy Belated Birthday to the beautiful, melodious CHAKA KHAN. Thank YOU. HAVE a WONDERFUL and BLESSED DAY.

939 days ago


TMZ, thank you for excellent updates on current events. I wish Bobby Brown and his family THE BEST! I would like to thank Nancy Grace on CNN for being a champion for justice. Nancy brings the "TRUTH FOR JUSTICE" no matter where the dominoes fall. I would like to thank the Rep. (D) Illinois Bobby Rush for his solidarity concerning TRAYVON. I offer my condolences concerning the death of his son. I hope Joe O. and Frank T. will eventually face "reality" that their friend does allegedly exhibit racist feelings. To explain the specifics of what INNOCENCE means to me about TRAYVON MARTIN is that he was unaware of George Zimmerman's (G.Z.) existence and internal racist feelings. G.Z. was the person allegedly racially profiling TRAYVON. Zimmerman had the experience and advantages of a Criminal Justice Background, Cop Mentality, Neighborhood Watchman carrying a 9MM pistol and the support of the Sanford Police Department. Its against the law to yell FIRE! FIRE! in the middle of a crowded movie theater when there's no fire. If it truly was Zimmerman its against the law to yell HELP! HELP to allegedly bolster false claims of Self-Defense/ Stand Your Ground. I believe it was TRAYVON's voice yelling for help. The truth will be determined by the prosecutor's voice expert. Furthermore, according to the neighbor who was an ear witness that called 911, she talked about when the gunshot was heard the yelling stopped. There are neighbors that gave witness accounts on an Anderson Cooper interview that they allegedly saw G.Z. standing above with his feet on both sides of TRAYVON, straddling and pressing down on the deceased body of TRAYVON. WHY?! THIS SEEMS VERY SUSPICIOUS TO ME. The neighborhood "EYE-WITNESSES" allegedly talked about G.Z. alerted them to call 911. Why didn't he call 911?!! Who did he call instead of 911 on the night that he allegedly killed TRAYVON?!! George Zimmerman, has a history of calling 911 and the non-emergency number of the police about 47 times! Why could he not just call "ONE MORE TIME TO REPORT HIS SO CALLED STAND YOUR GROUND/ SELF DEFENSE CLAIM?!!!" For me, this speaks volumes towards his subconsciousness of guilt and criminal negligence in the killing of TRAYVON MARTIN. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL TRAYVON'S PARENTS HAVE TO SUFFER and GRIEVE FOR JUSTICE?! Why did G.Z. shoot TRAYVON "POINT BLANK" in the CHEST?!!! It doesn't make common sense! ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!! Will G.Z. volunteer to take a Lie-Detector Test?! TMZ, THANK YOU. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND BLESSED DAY!

939 days ago
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